Scary and Chilling Avatar of Anushka Sharma Pari Movie Trailer


Truly Scary film of Anushka Sharma Pari Movie Trailer

Screamers are more horror in pari movie trailer with natural acting skills are amazing. Anushka sharma pari movie trailer is the perfect horror movie which will definitely scare you with no doubt and anushka sharma performance is outstanding and this time she comes to scare you. People have seen her many roles and this time with horror thriller anushka Pari movie it’s time to scare and pari movie is coming to hit big screens this holi and play holi with blood and a perfect suspense scary thriller.

One of the most awatied movie of Anushka shetty upcoming flick pari movie which is a horror thriller and anushka sharma as a devil looks so scary in completely new avatar as never seen before the gorgeous anushka sharma as a devil will make you scary and take your eyes of her. After the releaes of pari movie trailer receiving scary and chilling response after the act of Anushka sharma seen in trailer is unbelievable and ravishing.

Anushka sharma pari movie still
Anushka sharma pari movie still

Pari Movie Best Bollywood Horror Film:

After watching pari movie trailer and anushka sharma performance in this trailer and teaser its sure that anushka sharma with pari movie will be setting the standard of Horror movie in bollywood with pari movie and devil is out to play with pari movie.

Previously there used to be a good horror movies bringing up brilliantly by Vikram bhatt horror movies which are still now coming in part 1 and part 2 with few inspired concepts but this time with the production house of anushka sharma will marking a record for sure with pari movie.

This time with Anushka sharma pari movie bollywood audience will get the true color of true blue horror movie film, after watching the pari movie the visuals and the taking is absolutely stunning and will remind you a couple of hollywood movies it pari movie matches the depth of horror thriller and scary concept with anushka shetty pari movie and the efforts of pari team to make something different and comes with a great outcome of scary things.

Anushka sharma and Parambrata Chatterjee in Pari Movie:

Georgiou’s anushka turns in to devil and Anushka sharma and Parambrata Chatterjee are playing for the first time on screen and this time anushka produciton house and this time with the horror movie bringing lot of expectations together with pari movie.

Nail Cutting in Pari Movie

Nail Cutting in pari movie at the end of the pari movie trailer is just awesome and very truly scary with the cutting sound of nails and sudden turn of scary devil with blood on face with a smile scares completely in pari movie.

Anushka sharma cutting nails in pari movie
Anushka sharma cutting nails in pari movie

Pari Movie release Date:

Anushka sharma Pari movie will be releasing in theatres on March 2 2018 worldwide.

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