Shahrukh Khan Zero Movie: Anushka and katrina Kaif


Shahrukh Khan Zero Movie:

Shah Rukh Khan zero movie which is an upcoming movie starring shah rukh khan as the main lead playing the role of Baaua Singh and Anushka Sharma and Katrina kaif as the female leads and playing a role of actress in zero movie as well and Anushka playing the role of Actress who is suffering from depression and zero movie is a Hindi romantic drama love triangle movie hitting nearby screens for December release.

shah rukh khan in Zero movie
shah rukh khan in Zero movie

Shah Rukh Khan Zero Movie Story and Plot:

Zero movie comes with a story of three different people with three different problems facing in their life like shah rukh khan as zero as a short person and anushka Sharma as disability and Katrina kaif as a successful heroine but with depression or any kind of problem she is facing in this movie and how this movie is wrapped together is very interesting and this time Anand L rai comes with a great visual effects to show shah rukh khan looks in different as a short person in this film and the vfx of zero movie was completely superb and they are perfectly looking natural and shah rukh khan as a short person look vfx was used first in lord of the rings movie.

Srk in zero movie his signature pose
Srk in zero movie his signature pose

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Anushka and SRk in zero movie
Anushka and SRk in zero movie

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Background music of zero movie is too romantic specially when anushka and shah rukh khan in zero movie shot together and its so lovely to see both srk and anushka to see together again after jab harry met sejal and jab thak hai jaan movie.

Shah Rukh Khan in Zero movie release Date:

Zero movie srk
Zero movie srk

Zero movie which is directed by Anand L Rai is expected to be the biggest hit of 2028 movie and zero movie will be clashing ranveer singh Simbaa movie which is releasing in December as well.

Shah Rukh Khan in Zero Movie:

Shah rukh khan Bauua singh in zero movie born as a vertically challenged man from merut. Shah rukh khan born in a wealthy family in this movie but with incompleteness of his desire of marriage looking for a women to get married. In Zero movie shah rukh khan looks are appreciable and vfx as well. Shah rukh khan looks as a short person in search of a women finding his love.

Shah rukh khan with his performance totally grabbed every one attention apart from the vfx as well his acting was too natural as a short person as seen in trailer and his dedication of work to look like a short person will be seen in this movie zero.

Anushka Sharma in Zero Movie:

Kartina kaif in zero movie
Kartina kaif in zero movie

Anushka Sharma in zero movie playing a role of disability person suffering from cerebral palsy a NASA Scientist and anushka character role name is Aafia Yusufzai Bhinder. Anushka Sharma she proves it yet again with her tremendous acting performance in this movie as a disable person on a wheel chair and the scenes between srk and anushka Sharma shot was perfectly done by both and her acting is too appreciable in this movie Zero.

Katrina Kaif in Zero Movie:

Lip lock between srk and katrina kaif
Lip lock between srk and katrina kaif

Katrina kaif as a celebrity in zero movie playing a role of Babita Kumari as an alcoholic bollywood actress.

Katrina kaif as a alcoholic actress totally knocked everyone as her looks in this film as a alcoholic with her eye and looks and her entry in trailer was awesome.

shah rukh khan in Zero movie stills
shah rukh khan in Zero movie stills

Star Cast of Zero Movie:

Shah Rukh khan

Anushka Sharma

Katrina Kaif

Abhay Deol

Javed Jaffrey

Tigmanshu Dhullia

Sheeba Chaddha

Mohammed Zeeshan Ayyub

Bijendra Kala

R. Madhavan

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