Shraddha Kapoor With Fierce Look With Powerful Dialogues And Tremendous Acting In Haseena Parkar Biopic Movie


Shraddha Kapoor with Fierce Look with Powerful Dialogues and Tremendous acting In Haseena Parkar Biopic Movie:

Aapa is coming and trailer is out now. Haseena Parkar Upcoming movie of Shraddha Kapoor and Shraddha Kapoor’s real brother Siddhanth Kapoor is playing a role of her brother in Haseena Parkar movie as well and a playing a key role in Haseena Parkar movie as a lead role of Dawood Ibrahim (Played by siddhanth kapoor) and Ankur Bhatia is playing the role of Shraddha Kapoor wife in Haseena Parkar 2017 movie and this movie also covers Dawood Ibrahim story a little bit and recently Arjun Rampal as Arun Gawli is seen in Daddy Movie a bio pic of Arun Gawli real life story and now this time with Haseena Parkar as Shraddha kapoor.

Earlier Makers have launched the official trailer of Haseena Parkar movie at the iconic Mahatma Mandir and trailer is receiving a tremendous response as shraddha kapoor seen in as Aapa as never seen before with fierce look and with power packed powerful dialogues and what she goes through in her life after her marriage and as a sister of most wanted criminal Dawood Ibrahim. Shraddha Kapoor acting is at her best level and shraddha kapoor will be seen in a serious role which shivers whole Mumbai as she is Dawood Ibrahim Sibling.

Well there are numerous things going on in the people’s minds and audience on twitter and social media saying why people are making biopic of underworld related who killed many innocent people well this will be known why director and makers and star cast agreed and what made them convinced to act in this movie. As of the movie is a biopic there will be a strong point expected by this biopic a true life story of Haseena Parkar Aapa the name that sent shivers Nagpada Area.

Shraddha Kapoor in Haseena Parkar Movie A Biopic Trailer:

As the trailer of Shraddha Kapoor as Haseena Parkar movie trailer starts with the ring of a telephone which will be usually a call from Dubai and the ring of telephone shivers entire Mumbai and with a cigarette and ashtray which gives you a glimpse of underworld at start Shraddha voice in background in a different ascent which is shivering and scaring someone on telephone saying you will get a call from Dubai is it ok, and scaring some one in a decent way apart from that Shraddha Kapoor will be seen in emotional character as well as she is the one taking care of her family after the death of her husband in movie and look after to their grown ups and Shraddha said at trailer launch that “its an emotionally challenging experience added to a note in trailer launch and thanked Apoorva Lakhia”.

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Case on Haseena Parkar in movie shown in trailer as a case on her for handling business of her brother(Dawood Ibrahim played by Siddhanth Kapoor)who is hiding and sheltered in Karachi.

Shraddha kapoor in Haseena Parkar movie as of the trailer and the teaser and from the posters by her looks she already gained a lot of attention with her new look which took social media as a storm from looking like a glamorous girl diva doing love stories as half girlfriend and now she came up with her fierce look for the first time and she came up with tremendous performance with intensity in her dialogue powerful looks in a different attitude which Shraddha made to convince audience as Dawood Ibrahim sister in Haseena Parkar movie.

Shraddha Kapoor with her new look as a underworld don’s sister in Haseena Parkar movie shraddha is seen sitting on a chair at the end of the trailer in a way with a fierce look in her eyes and completely dark and black background with a classy look sitting on a chair will give you a feel of what she is playing in Haseena Parkar movie and gives you Goosebumps for sure and liked by all by Shraddha performance and fierce look till now for the rest of her tremendous acting to see lets wait for Haseena Parkar to hit big cinemas on August 18th which is scheduled as the Initial release but its date have been pushed up for release on September 21 st 2017.

Shraddha Kapoor and siddhanth kapoor first time Sharing Screens in Haseena Parkar Movie:

After the release of the trailer everyone is excited for movie to be released soon as shraddha is seen as never seen before character and completely different look with emotional filled with a different level in this movie and also first time stow karpoors shraddha kapoor and her real time brother siddhanth kapoor will be sharing screens together and it’s a brother and sister dua in Haseena Parkar movie which will be released on 21 Septmebr 2017.

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