Sizzling Nora Fatehi Jehda Nasha Song An Action Hero Movie Ayushmann Khurana


  • Nore fatehi Sizzling Dance Movies and her cute face expressions in Jheda Nasha Song with Soul Soothing Music will make you hear again and watch again and again.
  • Nore Fatehi and Aysuhmann Khurrana appear for the first time together and they both look great on screen in Jheda Nasha Song.

From the movie An Action hero starring Aysuhmann khurana action thriller movie released Jehda Nasha song with Nora Fatehi with her sizzling dance move and Nora Fatehi appearance in song is jaw dropping and stunning and you don’t let your eyes go away from Nora Fatehi in Jheda Nasha Song from An Action Hero Movie.


Jheda Nasha song by Nore Fatehi will make you go into Nasha for sure with her looks and cute expressions by Nora fatehi and impeccable dance moves by Nora will never let you love the song for sure and Jheda Nasah Song they just killed it together.


Nora Fatehi JehdaNasha Song with Aysuhamann Khurana

Jheda Nasha song has punjabi slang with superb lyrics by Amar Jalal, Balla Jalal along with Nora Fatehi appearance in song is just stunning and breathtaking and ayushmann khurrana in Jheda Nasha looks good with long hair ponytail.

Nora Fatehi in Jheda Nasha

Good Dance and good stars with good soul soothing music will always makes you listen to this jheda Nasha Song over and over till you get bore and if you get bore you can watch nora fatehi and ayushmann khurrana dance moves will make you hear this jheda nasha song again and again and fall in love with Jheda Nasah Song.


Nora Fatehi Dance in Jheda Nasha Song

Nora fatehi is seen in gold dress and with her presence she just stole the show in this this Jheda Nasha song and with her simple poses at the beginning and there is no doubt that nora fatehi with her graceful dance performance and moves by Nora Fatehi will make you groove and dance along with Nora Fatehi in Jheda Nasha Song along with Ayushmann khurana.

Aysuhmann Khuranna in Jheda Nasha Song

Ayushmann dance movies in jehda nasha song are unexpected and Aysuhamann khuranna makes the song look good with his classy looks pretty good with this soul soothing song makes you groove as well and jheda nasha song is pretty good and a good song to hear from these two stars ayushmann and Nora Fatehi appearing for the first time on screen together in jheda Nasah Song from An action hero movie.

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