Twist Kamariya Groovy Song Kriti Sanon and Ayushmann Khurrana Bareilly Ki Barfi Movie


Twist Kamariya Kriti Sanon and Ayushmann Khurrana Bareilly Ki Barfi Movie:

Upcoming movie release of Kriti Sanon, Ayushmann Khurrana and Rajkumaar Rao which will be released on 18 August recently released 3 rd song from Bareilly ki barfi and this time it’s a perfect dance floor song which is titled as Twist Kamariya and kriti sanon grooving and making her moves and twisting her kamariya with her superb moves is making everyone watch over and over twist kamariya song. Kriti Sanon in Twist kamariya song with a desi look with a desi dance style desi music and her dancesteps are pretty good and much appreciating dance steps by Kriti Sanon in Twist Kamariyan song and it’s a peppy dance party song. Ayushmann khurrana in twist kamariya song also seen grooving dance steps along with Kriti Sanon in Twist kamariya song.

Twist kamariya is a sure top chart buster and kriti sanon and ayushmann performing at peaks.

twist kamariya song bareilly ki barfi
twist kamariya song bareilly ki barfi

A Story of 3 Young Characters in Bareilly Ki Barfi Movie Ayushmann Khurrana and Rajkumaar Rao and Charming Kriti Sanon

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Kriti Sanon in Twist Kamariyan Song: Bareilly ki Barfi Movie:

Kriti Sanon gives entry in Twist Kamariya song with a wearing a cap shirt with in her own style with attitude of Bitti free spirit girl and Ayushmann khurrana on a scooter with garland with his own swag. As the song starts munni teri bracelet kriti sanon with her outstanding dance performance stealing the show entirely claps and whistles when she dances for twist kamariay. As this is a complete party song every one is enjoying twist kamariya and specially dance performance by Kriti sanon is terrific and much appreciated twist kamariya dance performance by Kriti Sanon.

Third song of Bareilly ki Barfi Twist Kamariya and gorgeous kriti sanon after the sweety tera drama song in Bareilly ki Barfi movie now grooves her steps and twists kamaria in twist kamaria. Twist kamariya is beautifully choreographed and sung by Harshdeep kaur, Yaseer Desai, Tanishk, Altamash Fairdi and Lyrics and Music by Tanishk Vayu. Kriti Sanon playing a role of free girl with brave and energetic character of Kriti sanon is seen in Twist kamariya song and a bunch of dancers dancing around the background as kriti Sanon dances for twist karmariya in middle a solo performance be her.

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