29th October Bigg Boss 11 Elimination Weekend Ka Vaar


29th October Bigg Boss 11 Elimination Weekend Ka Vaar:

Weekend Ka vaar with Salman Khan on 29th October as the nominations are ready and weekend comes up with the surprise entry in to the Bigg Boss house 11 with Gauhar Khan on Satuarday and on Sunday with Bigg Boss 10 contestants Manu Panjabi and Lopa Mudra rawat on stage and Gauhar khan entered Bigg boss house with a power of suitcase in to Bigg Boss house and Gauhar khan.

This Saturday golmaal team Ajay Devgn, tabu, Rohit Shetty and Parineeti chopra visited bigg Boss house and cheered Bigg Boss house contestants and said everyone how they are entertaining.

Bigg Boss 11 having a lot of controversies and re-entry of Priyank in the house lot of personal things went on with Arshi and everyone which is not supported by anyone as he said something about sapna and then mess started in the house and at weekend ka vaar with salman khan he precisely said few things which will not be encouraged in house and warned everone in the house don’t to personal and abusive will not be tolerated and will be thrown out of bigg Boss house and apart from comes the name of Nominations and eliminations of 29th October weekend.

Bigg Boss 29th October Eliminations :

Nominated contestants who are not safe in bigg boss house till now Luv, Jyothi and Benafsha and at the end of the Bigg Boss weekend ka vaar episode comes with the tension on all the house mates and at first Benafsha name was announced by salman and everyone gave the send off for benafsha and again salman call every one in to the house and says benafsha is safe and then calls luv and says him to pack the bags and the nominations till now Jyothi leaves the bigg boss house this weekend from Bigg Boss House 11.

She fought well in Bigg Boss house and took support for right things and she is a very strong bigg boss house and at the farewell of Jyoti vikas went in to tears as vikas was too much attached with jyoti as she helped and took care of Vikas in odd times by taking stand which is very well nicely shown in Bigg Boss 11 season

Captaincy Task in Bigg Boss 11 Starts:

Captaincy task between Luv and Bangagi still continues with the game and as jyoti being in the captaincy task as she is eliminated and went out of Bigg Boss house and lets see who wins this week captaincy task in Bigg Boss 11 house.

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