Bigg Boss 11 Contestant Names Entered Bigg Boss 11 House


Bigg Boss 11 Contestant Names Entered Bigg Boss 11 House

Bigg Boss 11 series is on air with the secrets revealaed who entered bigg boss house this time with the beauty with grace and this time in Bigg Boss 11 House entered very intresting and unexpected contestants makes bigg boss 11 house more interesting and the concept of Padosi Bajayenge 12 in the main Bigg boss house and this time the show will be more exciting and participants entered the house with a red carpet few fights in the entry of participants are already stared and its going to fun watching them in Big Boss 11 house.

With the twists and all as bigg boss padosi picked up 4 inmates as the Bigg Boss 11 padosi’s this time and the Participants who are in padosi are:

Bigg Boss 11 Participants Entered Bigg Boss House:

1- Hiten Tejwani

2- Jyothi Kumari

3- Shilpa Shindey

4- Hina Khan

5- Priyank Sharma

6- Sapna Choudhary

7- Vikas Gupta

8- Benafasha Soonawalla

9- Zubair Khan

10- Shivani Durgah

11- Bandgi Kalra

12- Puneesh Sharma

13- Akash Dadlani

14- Arshi Khan

15- Sabyasachi Satpathy

16- Luv Tyagi

17- Lucinda Nicholas

With these participants entered the house of Bigg Boss with different style with their own ada and salman khan with the grand welcome to the bigg boss 11 house and this time Bigg Boss 11 house got a kalkoti house in the Bigg Boss 11 House and this time Big Boss 11 with the commoners and celebrates with padosi concept is very much interesting to watch in Bigg Boss 11 house.

And few of the in mates have already have their own opinion and view about the other inmates and the participants are already in the house of bigg boss season 11 have such hard time with their inmates understanding each other and miss understanding are already started before shilpa shindey and vikas gupta already had a little bit of hard conversation on stage while entering big boss 11 house on stage infront of salman khan which shilpa shindey and vikas gupta previous clash and misunderstanding and lets see what happens with them and other inmates who entered in Bigg Boss 11 series as it’s the first day lets see what happens when Salman Khan comes for the weekend ka war this weekend.

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