Bigg Boss 11 Contestants Names and Final Contestants List Start Date


Bigg Boss 11 Contestants Names and Final Contestants List Start Date :

After a Huge hype for Bigg Boss reality show now Bigg Boss comes with yet another series Bigg Boss 11 and Bigg Boss 11 contestants recently confirmed few participants who will be seen in big boss house and yet there are many surprises this time as the theme line of famous reality show with the host Salman Khan continues with the same energy level and recently Bigg Boss 11 wrapped up the shooting of the Bigg Boss 11 contestants names and entering the Bigg Boss house shooting have be completed offair and getting ready with a bang with the host and team of judwaa 2 varun dhawan, Jacqueline Fernandez and Tapsee Pannu are seen in bigg boss show for promoting their movie judwaa 2 and it’s a remake of Judwaa movie starring salman khan which adds more attraction and hype with curiosity go high with these stars presence on Bigg boss 11 season first episode shoot wrapping up all the comedy fun drama and the gorgeous Jacqueline and Tapsee in the house on the stage of Big Boss 11 with salman khan as a host of Big Boss 11 contestants wishing them luck before entering bigg boss 11 house.

Big Boss 11 have a different set of rules and contestants this time the format of the series have been changed since the bigg boss 10 series as the commoners and the celebrities sharing the same bigg boss house and it’s a good format which ads more excitements for the fans of Bigg Boss 11 and it’s a complete eye grabbing scenario will be seen with completely different characters in bigg boss 11 contestants names will not be said as the set of rules and the game format of Big boss 11 season.

Bigg Boss 11 Contestants Name:

1 – Shilpa Shinde Enters Bigg Boss 11 and salman khan Introduces first participant officially.

List of bigg boss 11 will not be revealed by any one and not allowed to reveal the names of Bigg Boss 11 contestants as the format of the game as bigg boss 11 contestants will be having there different set of strategy entering the house and every house holder entering the bigg boss 11 house will be seen only when they enter the house.

Few names are revealed officially as the part of promotion of big boss 11 season contestants and grabbed a lot of attention and promotion stuff with the different set of theme this time as the neighbors theme which is very interesting as Bigg boss team comes up with the different set of theme since the initial series of Bigg Boss series this time something to do with the neighbors padosi and different task for the commoners and celebrities.

Bigg Boss 11 Start Date:

Big Boss 11 completed the off air shooting process very successfully with the massive promotion stage with salman khan on stage performing for judwaa 2 the legendary songs like chalti hai kya nau dho 11 song with varun dhawan making movies and shaking legs with salman khan in Bigg Boss 11 season first shoot and will be aired on October 1st 2017 grandly after getting the eye baller getting huge promotion.

Big Boss 11 House:

Big boss 11 house with cameras all over capturing every moment of Bigg Boss 11 contestants and different set of house set up this time for the commoners and celebrities sharing the same big boss 11 house. After the last incident and controversies which took place now every thing will be taken care very precisely which will not be allowed and Bigg boss 11 will be done safely and cleanly this time with adding different rules and format.

Salman khan bigg boss series will be aired on 1st of October with massive hype and expected to be the daily drama interesting with more different tasks as soon as the big boss 11 contestants enters the house with difficulties and the theme of Bigg boss 11 will be introduced with the participants entering the house putting few participants as padosi and few of them in the bigg boss 11 house and straight away jumping in to the bigg boss 11 contestants in the house of Bigg Boss 11 will be excited.

Recently Bigg Boss 1 series was introduced in Telugu and it’s a huge success with the host Jr.NTR tarak and the house hold participants created a over whelming performance and the task which is very interesting and the initial series of Bigg Boss Telugu winner is Shiva Balaji winning the hearts of every one and stood at first place wining the hearts of Telugu audience as well as overall and he was specially know as the professional cooker in the house mate.

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