Bigg Boss 11 Dhinchak Pooja Wild Card Entry & Elimination October 22nd


Bigg Boss Season 11 with a new weekend ka vaar with Salman Khan on October 22nd in the house as a host of Bigg Boss and a well wisher and always sets the this weekend is all set to send one of the nomination for the eviction and eliminations followed by but as bigg boss 11 turns out be a lot of suprises of Diwali weekend and continues to be by surprises and this time dhinchak pooja wild card entry.

Sapna Hina puneesh Akash luv are bigg boss contests who are nominated for the elimination and this time as it is the Diwali eve so Salman Khan and bigg boss doesn’t want anyone from bigg boss house leave the show so as said by host Salman Khan this week everyone is safe as it’s Diwali eve.

Dhinchak Pooja Wild Card Entry:

Diwali weekend Dhinchak pooja entered bigg boss house as a wild card entry surprising everyone and house mates as Dhinchak pooja has a separate set of fan following through her viral videos on youtube by her own swag and style with her own lyrics which are intresting and brings smile on everyone face after watching her videos

Dhinchak Pooja enters bigg boss house as wild card entry and as soon as dhinchak Pooja enters the house inmates of Bigg boss house reacted in a quite different way and welcomed her to bigg boss House.

Dhinchak Pooja all known for her viral videos and sings songs in her own swag is pretty much viral videos with the craze she got she entered in to bigg boss house and Aakash being a rapper who is already in bigg boss house will be a nice entertaining part of song rapping and fun parts to be expected by everyone in Bigg boss house and well coming to the tasks of bigg boss let’s see how Dhinchak Pooja reacts and plays with her strategy in Bigg boss house and how many days she will be in Bigg Boss House and its very interesting to see dhinchak pooja wild card entry.

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