Bigg Boss 11 Elimination week 3rd December Bandagi Leaves and Puneesh and Luv


Bigg Boss 11 Elimination week 3rd December Bandagi Leaves and Puneesh and Luv:

Bigg Boss 11 elimination week with weekend ka war with Salman khan with the nomination of two lovers Jodi with Puneesh and Bandagi and the other side with Luv Tyagi in the nominations and it’s the last week for Bandagi and Puneesh in Bigg boss 11 elimination of this week on 3rd December Bandagi leaves Bigg Boss House leaving Puneesh Sharma behind.

Salman Khan in Bigg Boss 11 weekend ka war with 3rd December saving luv tyagi out of three nomination this week and takes the couple of Bigg boss season 11 to a separate room to show their wonderful journey of Puneesh and Bandagi from the start and their memories in bigg boss 11 house with their romantic moments, love moments and fights with each other and with the other house mates and puneesh and Bandagi after watching their goes emotional turns in to tears in Bigg boss 11 house.

Bandagi Leaves Bigg Boss 11 House December 3rd Weekend ka Vaar

Salman saves luv tyagi from 3 nominations this week and says one member from the beautiful love joid of Puneesh and Bandagi ends this week and one has to leave the show and at first salman says it their wish to decide who is going but Bandagi leaves the show with the less votes this time in Bigg Boss 11 house.

Its tough tume for both of them to take this on as Bandagi leaving the show this time asks punish to stay in the house and win the show and its very emotional touchy seen in bigg boss 11 house.

Lets see the Journey of puneesh in Bigg Boss 11 house after Bandagi leaves the show and puneesh enters the Bigg Boss 11 house and joins the show and with tears and inmates vikas and Akash. Akash and puneesh dosti seems to knot again in the bigg boss season 11 show.

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