Salman Khan Weekend ka Vaar Bigg Boss 11 First Elimination:


Salman Khan Weekend ka Vaar Bigg Boss 11 First Elimination:

Bigg Boss 11 season which ongoing last week with grand entry of 16 participants entry in to Bigg Boss house as soon as contestants enter in to the Bigg Boss house there are plenty of Footage and content with all abuses and provoking and housemates divided in two groups by targeting the week participants in the house with their own strategy in winning the Bigg boss house is going in a wrong way with this time in Bigg Boss 11 first elimination from House and with the concept of Bigg boss with Padosi bajayenge 11 this time is yet to be seen.

Salman Khan Goes Angry on Participants in First Weekend Ka war:

Salman khan angry with few of participants with the abuses and fights and slaman khan as soon as he comes for the weekend ka war on Saturday he showed his anger on Zubair for his abuses which zubair showed on Bigg Boss 11 house and he also used several kind of abused language and called arshi khan 2 rs ladki and abuses all around with Bandgi, Sapna, Arshi.

Bigg boss Akash in first weekend ka vaar
Bigg boss Akash in first weekend ka vaar

Salman khan in First weekend ka war fully disappointed with the contestants and the fight between Vikas and Akash which turned in to physical fight with the interference of Priyank coming in between went an ugly fight which lead to priyank leave the bigg boss house this weekend straight away he was sent out of bigg boss 11 house for his behavior interfering in the fight between Akash and Vikas gupta.

Salman Khan Sent Back Priyank from the House for Getting Physical with Akash:

The resistance of fight which took place between Aksah and Vikas which turned to get into physical with Akash by intrude of Priyank.

No physical fight in bigg boss house that’s the main rule of bigg boss hose and no one breaks the rules of bigg boss house as Priyank broke the rule of Bigg boss house and crossed the line by going physical with Akash which he has nothing to do with the fight between Akash and vikas which took place late night as it was the weekend ka war with Salman khan and bigg boss sent priyank from the bigg boss house season 11.

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