Fix Facebook Messenger Call Ends Immediately on Android or iPhone


When you are trying to call your friend on messenger app video call or audio call and the call ends suddenly as soon as you hit the call button then you need to force restart your mobile device and follow these simple methods and fix this issue easily.

If you have not enough storage space on your android device or if you have not allowed microphone or phone or contacts to allow messenger app then you can experience this issue and due to bug issues also you can get this issue.

Facebook Messenger Call Ends Immediately

Follow below simple steps and fix audio call or video call ends immediately issue on facebook messenger app.

Disable and Allow Call Permissions for Messenger App

Step 1: Open Settings and Scroll down and Tap on Apps and Notifications

Step 2: Scroll down and find Messenger app and Tap on it

Step 3: Tap on Permissions and Tap on Call (phone) and Disable and Allow call option permissions here.

Once you disable and enable and allow call permission then go ahead and check with messenger call and your call will not end immediately and allow call and other permissions for messenger app.

Free up internal storage Space

If your android phone is not having enough free storage space then you need to delete unwanted data from your android device and free up internal storage space.

Due to no internal storage space issues also you can get call ended immediately error on messenger.

Clear Cache and Clear All data

You need to clear cache and clear all data of messenger app on your android device and to clear messenger app cache -> Go to settings -> Tap on apps -> Tap on messenger app and tap on storage and devices -> Tap on clear cache and clear all data and confirm and then open messenger app and check with call feature on messenger.

Disable and Enable Background Data of Messenger App

Step 1: Open messenger app info settings

Step 2: Tap on Mobile data and wifi and disable background data option by toggling button next to it

Step 3: Wait for a few seconds and then enable the background data option and enable it.

Update Messenger App

You need to update messenger to the latest version of messenger and using outdated versions can lead to this issue and other issues with messenger.

To update messenger app -> Open google play store and search for messenger app -> Update messenger to later version.

Reinstall Messenger App

Open google play store and search messenger in google play store search and then tap on messenger app and uninstall messenger app from your android device and then reinstall messenger app.

Once you reinstall messenger app, make sure to allow all permissions required by messenger app and give access and if you dont allow access for messenger to allow contacts or phone then messenger app will not work when you do audio or video call.

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