How to Fix Facebook Messenger Couldn’t Send Chat in Conversation


On your facebook messenger chat if you are sending chat or replying to someone in your messenger chat conversation and you are getting error message couldn’t send to other persian then first you need to check with your wifi internet connection first and check your mobile is connected to wifi and turn on airplane mode and turn it on.

Do note that facebook does have limitations to send messages to someone in messenger to avoid spam and consider it as spam and prevent messages from sending if you are too often or too frequently sending messages and you need to stop sending too many messages in messenger.

You need to wait for a few hours and contact facebook messenger support and they will fix the issue after a couple of hours.

How to Fix Facebook Messenger Couldn’t Send Chat in Conversation

Below are simple and effective solutions that will fix messenger chat that couldn’t send errors easily.

Wait for Few Hours and Try

If you are getting couldn’t send message when try to send message in messenger then its likely an issue with facebook messenger and it has detected that you are sending too many messages or same message to someone and to avoid spam on messenger facebook will stop sending messages and you will get couldn’t send message error.

Wait for 3 to 4 hours and then try and your issue will be resolved and you will not get couldn’t send error message when you send message to someone in messenger chat conversation.

Contact Messenger Support

Step 1: Open messenger app and tap on 3 lines (menu) on top left side

Step 2: Tap on settings icon (Gear icon)

Step 3: Scroll down and Tap on Help option.

Step 4: Now, tap on 3 lines on top right side menu

Step 5: Tap on Account Management

Step 6: Tap on fix a Problem

Step 7: Now, Expand Limits to send messages on messenger option.

Step 8: Tap on No under was this article helpful and Select Other Option.

Step 9: Now describe your problem and write cant send messages on messenger app and getting couldn’t send messages error and tap on submit.

After submitting your feedback then wait for a few hours – 3 to 4 hours and then try to send messages and your issue of couldn’t send messages on messenger issue will be resolved successfully.

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