How to Link Facebook Page to Messenger


If you are having a facebook page and want to link your page to messenger then you can easily link your facebook page to messenger and you can link your facebook page to instagram easily and cross post posts to instagram and grow your facebook business.

Integrating facebook link or adding facebook page links to your messenger gives you many advantages and stay connected with your customers and respond to them quickly and grow your facebook page audience using messenger and also you can setup automated replies as well in messenger.

To link Facebook page to your messenger, first you need to have Facebook page already created on Facebook and if you don’t have Facebook page then you need to create one Facebook page for your business and link Facebook page to messenger.

Can i Use Facebook Messenger For Your Business

You can use Facebook messenger for business by linking your facebook page to your messenger chat and allow people to respond directly to you using messenger and also using facebook chat box feature you can embed chat bot and allow automatic responses and use facebook chat for your business.

Follow below simple steps and link facebook page to messenger and get most out of messenger application instead of using it as chat application.

Step 1: Open Facebook on your mobile device

Step 2: Tap on menu on left side (3 horizontal lines)

Step 3: Tap on your facebook page and go to your fb page.

Step 4: Tap on More option

Step 5: Scroll down to bottom and Click on Settings 

Step 6: Tap on General -> Tap on Messenger.

Step 7: Under Allow people to contact your page privately on Messenger and select this option to ON.

Once you select and turn on and select and allow people to contact using messenger option then people can reach you out on messenger directly using messenger and they can respond to your directly using Facebook messenger.

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