The Adventures Story of Rapunzel: Disney Princess | Flynn Ryder


The Adventures Story of Rapunzel: Disney Princess,Flynn Ryder

Rapunzel Magical Hair:

Long time ago a king and a queen had a baby daughter named Rapunzel. Her parents don’t know what her Rapunzel golden hair contained the power of magical healing powers.

There are selfish people all around and here the selfish is old woman. A selfish old woman named Mother Gothel knew the magic in Rapunzel’s hair and she wanted to keep herself young and she kidnaps the baby raised her in towers deep in the jungle in the woods never telling her that she was princess hiding her from her kingdom.

Floating Lights in the Sky:

As Rapuzel’s hair grew and grew she gazing especially in admiration and surprise and thoughts out of the tower window at the lights which floated in the night sky every year on her birthday.

She wished and requested mother Gothel to see the towers close as the lights are floated in the night sky to see them but she refuses.

Flynn Ryder Meets Rapunzel:

Meanwhile a young thief named Flynn Rider stoles something special from the kings castle and ran away to not get caught from the royal guards accidentally meets and finds the perfect place from them and that is the tower.

When Flynn Ryder – thief climbs in to the tower, Rapunzel knocks him out with a frying pan and ties him on the chair and investigates him with a couple of serious questions.

Then she secretly inspected the satchel he carried, inside Rapunzel finds a sparkling gold object which is familiar to her.

Flynn Ryder awakes ad found himself tied on the chair with Rapunzel long, golden hair. Rapunzel points to her painting of the floating lights which she makes on her wall painting of floating lights as that happens only on her birthday.

Flynn Ryder was aware of those floating lights and tells her what they are and Rapunzel says if you take me there to see the lights she would return the satchel.

Adventures of Rapunzel and Flynn Ryder Begins:

After Flynn Ryder agrees to help Rapunzel uses her hair to climb down from the tower, she is never been outside before, but when her foot touched the grass. Rapunzel nearly burst her excitement exclaiming “Woo-Hoo”.

Rapunzel and Flynn Ryder enjoy their adventure but they are being chased by Mother Gothel was looking for them and the royal guards were after Flynn and few are them are angry partners of Flynn crime partners and they also wanted the crown.

Days passed and Rapunzel and Flynn managed to escape the crime partners and the royal gaurds to see their pursuers.

Rapunzel discovers Herself

Finally one morning Rapunzel sees a breathtaking sight a beautiful kingdom with a castle sitting high above and she headed straight away.

In the town Rapunzel sees few paintings , Rapunzel was drawn to a painting of the King and Queen and their baby who was known as the lost Princess. The child has golden hair and green eyes which exactly looks like her.

Flynn Ryder takes Rapunzel out to the view the floating lights, which were actually lanterns. Flynn Ryder gives her own lantern to send into the night and she returns the crown, then the couple gazed in to the each other eyes, they were falling in love.

Later, Flynn and Rapunzel were separated. Mother Gothel told Rapunzel that Flynn had only wanted the crown.

But she realized Mother Gothel was lying! Rapunzel now knew that she was the lost princess!

Suddenly, Flynn arrived to rescue Rapunzel! But Mother Gothel hurt him badly. She wanted Rapunzel to stay with her forever.

If she did, she’d allow Rapunzel to heal Flynn. But before Rapunzel could act, Flynn cut off her hair, which lost its magic.

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Without the magic, Mother Gothel quickly aged and turned to dust. Rapunzel was now free, but Flynn was dying.

“You were my new dream,” he whispered. One of Rapunzel’s tears fell on Flynn and began to glow… and healed him!

Flynn brought Rapunzel back to the castle. The King and Queen rushed to embrace their lost princess.

That night, the entire kingdom celebrated her return by launching hundreds of lanterns—the lights that had guided her home.

The End Happy Endings

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