Diana Prince in Wonder Woman Movie The Princess of Amazon Gal Gadot is Amazing


Diana Prince in Wonder Woman Movie The Princess of Amazon Gal Gadot is Amazing:

This movie is all about how she became Wonder Woman. Diana Prince aka Wonder Women is amazing and brings you a lot of action and the wonder woman is American super hero film which is based on the DC comics. Gal Gadot Playing an in and as role in Wonder Woman movie.

The First Wonder Woman movie ever to hit theaters. People who are seen growing from kids and reading this stories since the childhood reading the DC comics, Now Every one is waiting for the movie after Wonder woman was seen in Batman vs Superman and the wait is over now. Wonder woman The Diana princess is all scheduled to release on June 2nd 2017.

Wonder woman Movie Gal Gadot
Wonder woman Movie Gal Gadot

In Wonder women movie when she meets a American pilot who crashes in to island Themyscira and tells about the World war 1 and Diana leaves the island to stop the war bring an early end to war and becomes wonder women.

Gal Gadot Brings amazing goods in Wonder Woman Movie:

Wonder woman is just super , classy, brilliant and this is going to be a awesome. Whether it is Diana Princes or Whether it is Wonder Woman, Gal Gadot brings many things in wonder woman movie when it comes to dressing her Dagger in her back in blue dress in a party look where she takes all others look on her way as she walks in and yes she is the princess too and making Dagger that go in the out fit of her back too. Dressing of Diana Princess received a lot of positive response and Gal Gadot made everything looks perfect on her as Wonder Woman. Not only that when she is in Wonder Woman costume she is just breath taking you cant take your eyes off when she swings her sword or when she stops bullets floating on to her with her Shield and indestructible Bracelets on her. After watching the final trailer of wonder woman movie you will be sure getting Goosebumps lot of times after watching wonder woman.

Wonder Woman Powers: The Diana Prince

Wonder woman Movie
Wonder woman Movie

Wonder woman born on the islands of Themyscira by her mother Queen Hippolyta and she was brought to life and gifted with many powers. Wonder woman is a strong and proud warrior possessing many powers and skills. She posses a super woman condition flight, enhanced senses, longevity, agility, extreme weapon and unarmed combat powers.

1 – Super Strength and she can fly

2- Wisdom and Courage

3 – A Hunter heart and Communication skills with animals came from Artemis.

4 – Beauty and a loving Heart

5 – Sister o Fire

6 – Super speed, combat speed, Speed and power of light gifted by power of Hermes

7- Lasso of truth which gives her power of possess anyone to speak truth

8- Sandals of Hermes which gives her super fast fight

9- Indestructible Bracelets.

10- Weapon Tiara, Magical sword, Faster healing and Many More.

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