Justice League movie 2017 : Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, AquaMan, Flash, Cyborg


Justice League movie 2017 : Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, AquaMan, Flash, Cyborg

Justice League is an American Upcoming superhero film based on the DC comics superhero team. Justice league is team of super hero with powers. Justice League is directed by Zack Snyder and its distributed by Warner Bros Pictures.

After Batman vs. Superman Dawn of Justice and Superman Sacrifice: Its Justice League 2017:

After the Months after Batman vs Superman and Superman Sacrifice for humanity.In Batman Vs Superman with a huge fight of Batman vs Superman in Dawn of Justice.Batman, Wonder Woman and Superman fight in a team to destroy the creature which is created by the blood of Lex Luthor which belongs to the planet of Krypton the planet of Superman, the creature cannot be destroyed by any weapon but with the only sphere which batman creates to kill superman in Batman vs Superman Dawn of Justice finally the sphere will be used to destroy the creature with the sphere.

Formation of Justice league Team Members:

In Justice League Batman and Wonder Woman will be forming a team which continues from the Batman vs Superman movie after the cremation of Superman in Batman vs Superman Dawn of Justice. Batman asks Wonder woman to help find out the other people like you and then hunt begins. Batman and Wonder Woman will be searching for the people like them and forming a team to fight against creatures who doesn’t belong to this world to keep people of Earth safe.

Justice League Team Members :

Team Members of Justice league till now including Batman and wonder Women along with the other super heroes.

Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Flash, Cyborg with the team of six members in Justice League. More super Heroes will be seen as the movie goes on like Mera – The Queen of the sea and others Super heroes in Justice League. Mera comes from the origin of Atlantis.

Batman knows there is a fight coming from the end of the Batman vs Superman Dawn of Justice movie at the end of the movie Batman meets Lex Luthor to put a mark of Bat on Lex Luthor. Before Batman Makes his Bat mark on his shoulder Lex Luthor tells Batman he has awaken the upcoming fight it has just began and they have heard and gods are coming. Lex Luthor was talking about Steppenwolf who comes under the fiction character of New Gods by DC Comics will be seen in Justice League.

In search of formation of the Justice league team Batman and wonder woman assembles a team which consists of people with powers super heros and he assembles Aquaman, Flash, Cyborg and few other super heroes to fight against the SteppenWolf and his army. Stepponwolf belongs to the Apokolips origin.

Justice League Star cast:

Batman will be played by Ben Affleck. Wonder Woman the Diana Prince will be played by Gal Gadot and Superman by Henry Cavill.

Aquaman by Jason Momoa. Flash by Ezra Miller and Cyborg by Ray Fisher.

Justice League Release Date:

Beware Bad Guys Justice League formed their team and ready to hit theaters in November

Justice league is scheduled to release in November month in 3d.

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