More About Story Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man Tells No stories


More About story Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead man tells no story

One of the most upcoming and and most awaiting movie of the year is just released the trailer of Pirates of the caribbean Dead Man tells no story and it is also named Revenge of the Captain Salazars. As the name it suggests its dealing with the revenge of captain Salazar’s with captain Jack Sparrow.

The Pirates of the caribbean is running through decades now its almost completed 13 years and every one love to see the pirate Captain Jack sparrow.

Pirates of the caribbean will be Johnny Deep once again and will be seen as Jack Sparrow for his iconic roles. Jack Sparrow one of the most famed pirate captain now faces a new villan and he is never seen before in any other movies of this series.

Earlier Intial teaser was released introducing Captain Salazar with his deadly Ghost pirates who is looking for Captain Jack Sparrow asking about captain Jack Sparrow for one of the pirate crew as “did you know him in Captain Slazar’s” Style with his ghost pirates aborad a pirate ship and Captain Salazar show how desperate he his to find him and take his revenge by saying Please to the crew pirate whome he was asking.

Watch the Pirate of caribbean: Dead Man Tells No Stories – Teaser:

After watching the First official trailer makers revealed a story plot of the movie as no one knows where did captain Salazar comes from and why he is desperate in revenge with Jack Sparrow who is on a mission to take revenge.

Watch – Pirates of caribbean Dead Man Tells No Stories:

As of the plot which is revealed it is as follows.

The most legendary pirate Captain Jack sparrow who is one of the 9 pirates and everything he gains as a pirate is of completely through luck and with his watch which doesn’t point north. Now Captain jack Sparrow is trouble in this series it is said that Captain Jack Sparrow who loses his luck in one of the sea again and now its old enemies who turned in to deadly ghost pirates.

Jack Sparrow is drive in to all new adventures when deadly ghost pirates once controlled by his old rival the captain Salazar and he escapes from the devils triangle determined to kill every pirate at sea.

Captain jack Sparrow is the only one hope for all the pirates survival lies in seeking out the trident of posiedon. A powerful artifct that gives upon its possessor total control over seas.

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