Thanos in Avengers Infinity War: Strengths, Powers and Thanos Infinity Gauntlet


Thanos is making lot of waves in avenger’s movie and guardians of galaxy look searing on thanos domain seen with Ronan. In Avengers infinity war first trailer thanos entry surprised and shocked everyone with his entry in avengers infinity war trailer thanos smile with his entry gave everyone Goosebumps for sure and thanos in avengers infinity war looks a bit different as he looks in Gaurdians of Galaxy movie while thanos making a deal with Ronan and thanos favorite daughter nebula and his sister Gamora. Thanos in Gaurdians of galaxy is seen on thanos domain where he makes decision on making deal with Ronan capturing one of the infinity stone. As Gamora thanos adapted daughter was not in favor of ronan I n capturing the infinity stone and handing it to thanos as she knows thanos would wipe out half of universe with his snap of fingers and for the good sake gamora will be betraying Ronan and thanos in guardians of galaxy movie and in this process she will be forming a group of people who are against and forms a group guardians of galaxy and protecting universe from the evil and bad.

Where Did Thanos Born:

In Fictional character of thanos the birth explained as Thanos was born on the Saturn’s moon titan and a child of Eternals Mentor and Sui San.

Daughter of Thanos in Avengers Infinity War Trailer:

Gamora and nebula are the adapted and favorite daughters of Thanos who he kidnaps and give rise and kills the parents of gamora and gamora is against thanos and will be fighting thanos in avengers infinity war and gamora became the assassin previously worked under ronan with his sister nebula.

Thanos Race?

Thanos race of superhumans known as the Titanian eternals and thanos can absorb and project vast quantities of cosmic energy and thanos is capable of telekinesis and matter of manipulation and he has mammoth superhuman vigor stamina and stability and durability and thanos weakness is insecurity.

Thanos Can Beat All Avengers:

Yeah thanos can beat all avengers with his cube;s power and infinity stones together he can esily fought back all avengers and thanos is a supervillan of all time in marvel comics.

Is thanos immortal:

He is not immortal he is titan and eternal where as eternal are not immortals and as like Asgardians they have long life spanas he wipes out his own race as a proof and his death is out of question as of marvel ony dormammu is immortal. Thanos is formerly banned by death itself form entering the realm where death made peace and rendering him truly immortal and his immortality in the sense that he is immune to all known disease and infections and he is subjected to artificial singularity

Thanos Species:

Thanos species is Eternal, Deviant hybrid and he belongs to the place of origin.

Thanos powers and His Abilities:

Captain america stoping thanos power punch
Captain america stoping thanos power punch

Thanos has many super ability power with in him and he still just want to wipe out the universe with the help of infinity stones.

Thanos powers and abilities are:

  • Super Human Strength
  • Speed Durability, longevity and strength
  • Energy Manupulation
  • Telepathy
  • Telekinesis

Who Defeated Thanos:

Well it’s an obvious and a question filled with curiosity to know who defeated thanos as the main reason for this question is thanos will be gaining almost every single infinity stone in his arm to destroy universe and he holds all power of infinity stone thanos will be undefeatable and as seen in avengers infinity war trailer thanos will not be having all infinity stone in his hand he is having only 2 stones and stones which he has to acquire will be with avengers, Dr strange and with vision and to defeat thanos avengers have to use these infinity stones and who defeated thanos we have to wait and watch and how avengers defeated thanos in Avengers infinity war movie.

Which Avenger Gets Killed By Thanos:

Thanos power pack punch in avengers
Thanos power pack punch in avengers

Thanos will be killing one avengers in avengers infinity war as each and every avenger has his own power and strength instead thanos will be killing one avenger in this avengers infinity war movie and it is yet to know which avengers gets killed by Thanos as rumors says it is captain America or vision coz vision will be holding one stone on his forehead in age of ultron movie its seen without stone vision will not be living anymore.

Thanos Infinity Stones:

Thanos till now in avenger’s infinity war trailer he is seen with holding two infinity stones and he has to gather other infinity stones as well to conquer and destroy half of universe.

Thanos Flash Back:

In avengers infinity war second trailer it was seen clearly the flash back of thanos expected as thanos will be taking one child expected to be gamora kidnapped and prepared her as most powerful since childhood nebula and gamora. As it was seen in avengers infinity war trailer thanos will be holding a hand of a child and taking her and thanos army will be side by and stopping other people from the planet.

Thanos in Avengers Movie:

Thanos in avengers infinity war trailer look
Thanos in avengers infinity war trailer look

Thanos in avengers first movie he gets to a deal with loki to get the tesseract one of the infinity stone and thanos was seen in avengers movies where he talks to thanos in a dark shadow and in this avengers infinity war trailer loki was seen handing him over the tesseract.

Thanos Look in avengers Infinity war:

Thanos has different different color of his skin tone there might be strong reason behind thanos look in avengers infinity war movie as well and many fans and people just loved the new look of powerful villain of all time with infinity stars holding on his arm to just wipe out the universe with a snap of his finger. Thanos is a chameleon a slow small and old world wizard with highly developed color change with his muscular body well this is just expected and its not sure he is a chameleon.

Thanos in avengers infinity war look
Thanos in avengers infinity war look

What is Thanos Infinity Gauntlet?

Infinity Gauntlet is an point or a thing which is used for channeling the power of infinity stones and it is used to manipulate the power of infinity stones.

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