Transformers 5 The last knight : The Big Game Spot


Transformers 5 The last knight : The Big Game Spot

When it comes to the movies more like the Transformers the expectations will be high, the transformers is a popcorn movie and the makers will not disappoint with the movie. Transformers 5 the last knight is the turning point as the last time this movie Michael bay was supposed to be directing for the franchise.

Transformes 5 : the Last knight is the upcoming movie of transformers sequel. The early released trailer of transformes Anthony Hopkins deliciously giving introduction and flashbacks what happened. As all the fans gets surprised to listen that optimus prime is no more from the trailer.

Watch Transformers 5 : The last Knight Trailer

The Humans and the Aliens transformers are at war and optimus is gone the main key to saving earth is gone buried as optimus prime goes in search of the makers with seed carrying with him as he stays there will be trouble for earth and he goes with the search of the makers saying the makers of autobots i am coming and there ends the movie.

Now, two species at war one aliens and the other humans. From the trailer it is seen that Cybertron the aliens world bringing them to Earth and killing the Earth. Saving the Earth comes falls on the shoulders of Autobots who are taking refuge on earth, Bumblebee and the rest autobots. Bumblebee saving the earth and its too hard for him to take the rest of the aliens enemies and when it comes the enemy as shown in trailer is optimus prime.

In trailer it is seen that Optimus prime and bumble bee are seen doing action with each other . Optimus prime Just fighting hitting Bumblebee with a powerful slam as bumble bee attacks optimus prime and optimus prime says Forgive me and hitting them as he was hitting him forcefully is much likely and excited to see all this action in the cinema theatres.

As Michael bay says that this is the last part and sequel of the Transfromers franchises and he also stated that the last part didn’t just do well at box office and audience did not like the movie much from the previous parts compared. The new actors and the new Dinobots have been introduced in the move that worked well but didn’t do well as expected.

Makers of Transformers 5 : The last knight released a teaser of 30 sec in which Optimus prime is seen . whats in the movie is not yet revealed now by the makers. Everyone is very much exited for the release of the movie what happen to transformers autobots leader Optimus prime, whe he is dead, and why he is fighting with Bumblebee the other autobot as optimus prime being the last prime of Autobots leader.

Watch the Latest Teaser

There is everything in this new teaser of 30 sec which says a little bit about the movie, there is explosions, there are humans fighting with aliens and autobots fighting decepticons, guns fire and everything. The optimus prime the good guy turns bad in this movie. Optimus prime in this series of the last knight seen in a different look with light blue color on one side of his face and red color on the other side which makes him look like an evil in this series.

A 33 sec teaser stars with the voice of Anthony Hopkins saying “You want to know don’t you why they keeping coming here to Earth” and then the explosions gun fires starts the dinobot hits with the explosion and screaming. Thats the same Dinobot which is seen optimus prime the leader of autobots riding Dinobot in the previous sequel the age of extinction. Then the much awaited optimus prime comes to be seen in a evil look saying “My Makers I Do” and Slaming Bumblebee and fighting with him and giving him the powerful slam with one hand. Bumble bee and Optimus prime are seen fighting and bumblebee also hitting and fighting optimus prime on his face with weapon and this fight scene will be more likely to be seen in this series.

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The Transformes series stared with the movie named Transformers where the fight for the cube which was found by Sam grandfather and they take it back and they take refugee on earth and fight for bad. This is the initial series of transformers movie which is released in 2017.

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