Easily Lock Apps on iphone 15, 14, 13 on iOS 17 Face ID and Passcode


On iphone 15, 14, 13, or any other iphone with any iOS 17 or later, if you want to restrict apps to access and lock  apps on iphone then you can easily lock apps using iphone passcode and password and other simple methods.

You can lock apps on iPhone 15, 14, 13 on iOS 17 using shortcut apps on iPhone by using automation option and you need to create new automation and add action to open apps using lock screen options on iPhone using face id and passcode.

All you need to do to lock apps is create new automation and select apps and then select conditions here when app is opened – use lock screen to open app and create new personal automation on iPhone iOS 17.

Easily Lock Apps on iPhone 15, 14, 13 on iOS 17

Follow below simple methods and lock apps on iphone easily

Step 1: Open shortcut app on iphone

Step 2: Tap on Automation on bottom menu

Step 3: Tap on New Automation

Step 4: Scroll down and find App and Tap on it.

Step 5: Under When option -> Tap on Choose and select the app that you want to lock and you can select multiple apps here and once you select apps to lock then tap on done on top.

Step 6: Now, In automation option -> Select IS OPENED option.

Step 7: Select Run Immediately and Tap on Next on top and go to the next screen.

Step 8: Now, tap on New Blank option -> Tap on Add Action.

Step 9: Now using the search box here, search for lock screen and tap on it and Tap on Done on top.

That’s it, new automation will be created for using apps with lock screen and whenever someone opens locks then they will be asked to unlock app using lock screen – face id and passcode and once they enter passcode or face id then only they will be able to access locked apps using lock screen.

Unlock Apps on iPhone iOS 17 or later

If you want to unlock apps, then you need to go to shortcut apps and select the personal automation that you have created and edit or remove apps from there or simple delete automations that created to lock apps and this will unlock apps on iPhone 15, 14, 13, 12 on iOS 17 or later.

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