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1st Look of PSPK25 Pawan Kalyan Agnyaathavaasi Movie Prince in Exile


1st Look of Pawana Kalyan PSPK25 Agnyaathavaasi Movie Prince in Exile:

Agnyaathavaasi Movie with the lead stars as Pawan Kalyan as the prince of exile and the female lead by keerthi Suresh, Aadhi pinnisetti, Anu Emmanuel, Boman Irani in Pawan Kalyan Agnyaathavaasi Movie. The much awaited movie of pawan Kalyan pspk25 movie first look is here and its Amazing and serious look of pawan kalayan in Agnyaathavaasi movie first look is just roaring all over the trends and social media. First look of Agnyaathavaasi movie was launched from Varanasi straight from the Holy Ghats of Varanasi where Agnyaathavaasi movie team is completing the final schedule of Agnyaathavaasi movie shooing or re-shooting the final schedule.

Agnyaathavaasi movie is everywhere with the release of first teaser and first single song by Anirudh which is titled as baitiki ochi chuste song trended all over the world with the sweet voice of Anirudh and with the first teaser look in which pawan kalyan rotating the chair is just awesome and eye grabber and gives everyone’s Goosebumps for sure.

pspk25 Agnyaathavaasi movie
pspk25 Agnyaathavaasi movie

Pawan Kalyan in Agnyaathavaasi Movie First Look:

Pawana Kalyan in Agnyaathavaasi movie is looking great with simple serious killer looks of pawan kalyan twisting the I-card of in his finger with a killer looks making everyone go crazy as this movie is PSPK25 and its titled as Agnyaathavaasi the expectations are too high and it will reach the expectations for sure and amaze the audiences with a class look with a mass pose with kiraak look of Pawan Kalyan and this is just pawan kalyan best first look ever with cool and stylish avatar of Pawan Kalyan in Agnyaathavaasi movie first look.

Agnyaathavaasi movie comes with the tag line of Prince in exile which pawan kalyan makes this character perfectly sets him as the teaser look of Pawan Kalyan #PSPK25 Agnyaathavaasi movie.

Agnyaathavaasi movie which is directed by trivikram and which is produced by S. Radha Krishna and written by Trivikram Srinivas and Music composed by Anirudh Ravichander.

Pawan Kalyans Agnyaathavaasi movie Release Date:

Its Said for the initial release date as January 10th 2018. Agnyaathavaasi movie release date is yet to be confirmed and release date is not yet on pawan kalians Agnyaathavaasi movie first look poster as yet to announced officially will be updated as soon as its announced officially.

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