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1st Song Saahore Bahubali Video Song: Bhali Bhali Ra Bhali Bahubali 2 The Conclusion


1st Song Saahore Bahubali Video Song: Bhali Bhali Ra Bhali Song Bahubali 2 The Conclusion

The First Indian Blockbuster which is breaking all records all over the world and leaving every one in a state of confusion what made bahubali the conclusion breaking records you can get all yours answers by watching the Bahubali 2 conclusion. Now its Saahore bahubali video song just released

Introductory Song Saahore Bahubali:

Introductory part of Amarendra Bahubali performs spectacular stunts in this Saahore bahubali video song Bhali Bhali Ra Bhali Song and it also has few leftovers which makes you remember of defeating in a war scene where he performed many stunts by defeating Kalakeya in bahubali the beginning. Saahore Bahubali Bhali Bhali Ra Bhali Song introductory song will tell you everything about Amarendra Bahuali which includes his swordswing which is more remarkable to watch while prabhas doing it in Saahore bahubali Bhali Bhali Ra Bhali Song song.

In this Saahore Bahubali video song Prabhas as Amarendra Bahubali not only performs stunts but he also shows how he is at good his emotional and serving her mother Sivagami played by Ramya Krishna and lapping on her like a small kid and stealing the hearts of people of Mahismati and living straight away in the hearts of Mahismati kingdom people.

With the direction of SS.rajamouli the great Indian movie till now is released on April 28th 2007 and breaks the records in india and overseas as well and recently it still continues to break the records as well still by crushing all the records till now now its song Saahore Bahubali. As days past away bahubali is breaking creating and breaking all the records. Even after the release of 3 weeks all the theaters are full and dragging all audiences to theaters still.

With in the release of short span of time Saahore bahubali video song breaks a new record with its song 13+ million views. Recently Makers of the movie released a video of Saahore Bahubali song which features prabhas playing as Saahore Bahubali which is an introductory part of the song in bahubali 2 conclusion will straight grab your all attention and makes you mesmerize and makes you spell behind while waching the song.

Prabhas in Saahore Bahubali video song Steals Every one Heart:

Saahore Bahubali Video song Prabhas with sivagami in Baahubali 2 the conclusion
Saahore Bahubali Video song Prabhas with sivagami in Baahubali 2 the conclusion

Prabhas in Saahore bahubali video song which is a perfect introductory song directed by SS.Rajamouli grabs and steals every one with the presence of bahubhali as prabhas and the wonderful scenes from the song. Prabhas riding the horse are more likely to watch and he entirely sets in the character and looks perfect when riding the horse. This video song definitely gives you lot of Goosebumps in video song and will make you watch prabhas as bahubali in Saahore bahubali video song. Initially in this introductory song which is titled Saahore Bahubali song prabhas makes an elephant to calm down which is tremendous and makes you feel he is the perfect one for the Bahubali and he is bahubali.

Prabhas in Bahubali 2 conclusion standing on Elephant firing a Arrow:

Saahore Bahubali Video song Prabhas in Baahubali 2 the conclusion
Saahore Bahubali Video song Prabhas in Baahubali 2 the conclusion

In Bahubali 2 movie video song, Prabhas in Bahubali 2 conclusion is seen in a poster earlier when release and when movie released audience enjoyed the role of bahubali in movie now makers released the video song in youtebe and its breaking all the records, while prabhas as Bahubali in Saahore bahubali song standing on elephant and firing an arrow the direction of SS.Rajamouli which makes elephant helping Bahubali and holding an archery part and bahubali firing a arrow and killing the evil spirit which is the tradition after completing the walk of Sivagami.

Singers and Music directors of Saahore Bahubali:

Saahore Bahubali song was sung beautifully by Daler Mehendi , M.M.Keeravaani, Mounima and Music given by M.M. Keeravani and lyric video by walls and trends and music label by Lahari Music.

Lyrics of Prahas Saahore Bahubali Song from Bahubali 2 The conclusion:

Well coming to the part of Lyrics which every one is singing Saahore bahubali song all over the world and recently it went to trending as soon as the makers released the song on youtube breaking the view records of first video song till now 13+ Million views.

Here are the lyrics of Saahore Bahubali Bhali song:

Bhali bhali bhali ra bhali Saahore bahubali… Bhali bhali bhali ra bhali.. Saahore bahubali.. Jayaharathi neeke pattali pattali….

Bhuvanalanni jai kottali …Gaganale chhathram pattali Heyssa rudhrassa heysarabhadra samudhrassa…

Aaa janani dheeksha achalam Ee koduke kavacham Ippuda ammaki ammavainandhuka…

Pulakarinchindhigaa ee kshanam Adavulu guttal mittal gaminchu Pidikita pidugul patti minchu…

Arikula vargaal dhurgaal jayinchu Avaniki swargaale dhinchu Antha maha baludainaa Amma vodi pasivaade Shivudainaa bhavudaina Ammaki saati kadhantade Heyssa rudhrassa heysarabhadra samudhrassa.

Heyssa rudhrassa Heyssa rudhrassa Heysarabhadra samudhrassa Heysarabhadra samudhrassa Heyssa rudhrassa heysarabhadra samudhrassa…

Bhali bhali bhali ra bhali ..Saahore bahubali.. Jayaharathi neeke pattali pattali … Bhuvanalanni jai kottali Gaganale chhathram pattali.

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