Bahubhali 2 the conclusion : Trailer on 16th March: Prabhas, Rana, Anushka , Tamanna:


Bahubhali 2 the conclusion : Trailer on 16th March: Prabhas, Rana, Anushka , Tamanna:

The most awaited Bahubhali 2 the conclusion : Trailer of the year since the release of the first part of movie Bahubhali : The Beginning it has become the most awaited movie the audience are eagerly waiting for the release.

Bahubhali trailer to be out on 16th March:

Karan johar in his tweet revelead that the most awaited movie event of the year trailer release of Bahubhali trailer will be released on 16th of March and he cant wait for that event as all audiences are awaiting for the release of the trailer.

Bahubali 2 the conclusion is an Epic
Bahubali 2 the conclusion is an Epic

After the Release of Bahubhali the Beginning: Why Kattappa killed Bahubhali:

After the Bahubhali the beginning movie was released a much awaited question was raised why kattappa killed Bahubhali, Kattapa is a man who raised Bahubhali since his birth and he adores his decisions and fights which he takes and respects him from his deep core heart and suddenly at the end of Bahubhali the beginning movie it has been shown and said by kattappa that he killed Bahubhali since then all audiences are waiting eagerly and desperately that why kattappa killed bahubhali.

Recently makers of the movie SS.Rajamouli released a designer came up with the image of kattappa and bahubhali. SS rajamolu tweeted in twitter.

Our designer jegan came up with this idea. Couldnt help but tweet, though unscheduled. The boy he raised The man he killed… #Baahubali2

The story deals with the flashback, Anushka Shetty will be seen in the second part of Bahubhali the conclusion playing a lead and crucial role in the part as she plays a role of mother in first part of Bahubhali beginning she will be seen playing with a sword and arrows and participate in fight scenes of Mahishmati kingdom.

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