Balakrishna Movie Paisa Vasool Box office collection and Review


Balakrishna Movie Paisa Vasool Box office collection and Review:

Nandamuri Balakrishna is back with Balakrishna movie paisa vasool which is directorial of puri jagannadh is sucha huge week for Balakrishna fans. Balakrishna movie Paisa Vasool just hit the theatres near by cinemas, Paisa vasool starring Balakrishna as tedha singh and Shriya Saran, Vikramjeet virk, Muskaan Sethi, Kyra Dutt, Kabir Bedi, Alok Jain and prudhvi raj starrer in one such movie Paisa vasoo is very interesting to see all these stars in Paisa Vasool and its Balakrishna 101th movie.

Paisa vasook directed by Puri Jagannadh and this time with Balakrishna for the first time in Paisa Vasool first half seems to be holding interest and decent in movies by paisa vasool movie characters and impressive. Paisa vasool movie receiving mixed reviews all over and making an appealing spot to watch Bala Krishna Paisa vasool movie.

Paisa Vasool Movie Box office collection:

Balakrishna Paisa Vasool movie managed to collect total 14.15 cr and 11.4 Cr in Telugu state

Paisa Vasool box office collection coming soon as the makers of this movie reveal the figures and managed to earn 1.30 cr in Karnataka and Rs.85 lakhs in the US, reported Andhra box office which makes the total box office collection of paisa vasool movie hooked at 14.15 cr on first day collection.

A self proclaimed criminal tedha singh played by Balakrishna movie paisa vasool and he just releases from tihar jail is recruited by Raw agency wing a secret agency whci his Research and Analysis wing to put an end and break the Mafia don Bob Marley which is played by Vikramjit Virk and eliminate him. Balakrishna action in this movie is waving all around before the release also by his famous power packed and power full dialogues and the mass dialogues with the intense of Balakrishan just hit the right plot and right spot in paisa vasool movie and with Balakrishna clever and sharp one liners with which are Cathy and meaning full with his witty with balarkishna own style dialogues are on everyone’s minds.

If its balakrishna all expect dialogues with power packed action scenes audience love dialogues from Balakrishna and his dialogues will remain in history. This time in paisa vasook playing a tedha singh under the intelligence agency RAW to eliminate the mafia don. Raw Recruits Tedha singh for the purpose and Bob Marley playing havoc and chaos in the country with his violence speeding rapidly Kyra dutta playing a role of cop.

In the meantime sarika played by Muskaan Sethi files a complaint that her sister Sarika played by Shriya Saran who is performing sting operation on mafia don Bob Marley went missing in Portuguese. Raw agency in a shocking situation on what he really is after his release and what is his relationship with missing Shriya Saran and is he on the side of bad or good and how he succeeds in his mission. Balakrishna with his powerful and solo show stealer in paisa vasool is sure a paisa vasool movie.

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