Captaincy Task in Big Boss House: Prince and Kalpana Tough Competition


Captaincy Task in Big Boss House: Prince and Kalpana Tough competition

After the first captain who was taken down by the big boss for the poor performance in big boss sampoornesh babu was the first captain in big boss and he was not responding nor playing as the captain of the big boss house as he was appointed and house mates are not happy with the captaincy performance of sampoornesh babu he was taken down of captaincy and after that task for the captaincy was announced in which mumaith khan and kaplana has to compete for the captaincy task with colleting the smiley ball from the swimming pool and kalpana wins the captaincy task leaving mumaith khan behind in captaincy task.

Kaplana was the second captain in big boss house after sampornesh babu and after kalpana becoming the captain of Big boss her nature and her behavior is completely changed this was not liked by any of the inmates as kaplana was behaving or communicating well with the inmates and saying always do that and do this which is not appreciated by the inmates and mumaith khan felt as a hostel under the captaincy of Kalpana and she cried and her captaincy was questioned why behaving like this after becoming captain and a huge mess and discussions went on with inmates.

Captaincy task Between Balaji, Prince and Kalpana: Tough Competing by Kalpana

After the first week elimination jyothi have been eliminated from big boss house and for the second week the bond between the inmates have changed and the competition for captaincy in the big boss has has been very tough with the simple task riding on a horse for every buzzer each of the inmate have to make the nominated housemate for the captaincy to drink one glass of water as the inmates nominated for the captaincy are Kalpana, Prince and Shiva balaji.

After the huge and tough completion went away in big boss house for the captaincy shiva balaji have to quit for the captaincy task initially and prince much needed for him to win the captaincy as he is in the elimination round for the second week and kalpana being a strong competitor in big boss house after captaincy task went away for several hours kalpana also quits the captaincy task as the task is to drink water on a riding horse moving forward and backward continuously and prince won the captaincy task and became the captain of big boss house as the third captain.

After the tough completion prince became the house caption for the third week lets see how prince handles his captainship without having any controversies and mess and how he deals with the housemates of big boss as a captian.

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