Falaknuma Das Trailer MasskaDas Telugu Movie Star Cast


Falaknuma Das Trailer MasskaDas Telugu Movie Star Cast, Remake Starring Vishwas Sen & Tharun Bhascker Dhaassyam:

Falaknuma Das which is a telugu Movie which is a remake of Angamaly Diaries which his a crime drama and the hype of this movie is already at the top level and expectations and outlooks are going to come sooner with this mass ka das with the hashtag is already trending on twitter and making record views on youtube. Vishwas se falaknuma trailer is going crazier than any other movie right now with pure hyderabadi language is all set good at every characteristic in this movie and managed to grab positive buzz with a street lingo.

Falaknuma Das Trailer:

Vishwas das riding bike in falaknuma das trailer
Vishwas das riding bike in falaknuma das trailer

Falaknuma Das movie traier has been released by the maker and after the release of motion poster of this movie starring vishwas sen and tharun Bhascker in this movie as the lead star in this telugu movie Falaknuma das which is based on the attitude and the ego of the star which his splendidly show in the trailer and grabbed lot of attention of the audience and even this trailer Falaknuma das trailer clutched and gripped with the dialogues in Falaknuma das and with in no time after the trailer of Falaknuma das was released took to twiter with a storm and created lot of noise in social media and getting lot of views in youtube and shares all over about this movie teaser and trailer of falaknuma das movie.

Falaknuma Das Dialogues

Falaknuma Das vishwas sen aggressive dialogues
Falaknuma Das vishwas sen aggressive dialogues

Falaknuma trailer starts with the background dialogues which is very impressive and abusive as well which is not seen in any other Telegu movie and first it was seen in arjun reddy movie dialogue teaser.

Falaknuma Das Female Actor:

falaknuma das movie saloni mishra with vishwas das
falaknuma das movie saloni mishra with vishwas das

The Female lead actor was played by Saloni Misra in this film and a she attracted with few glimps of scenes in the traier of Falaknuma das trailer with a optimistic reactions not leaving behind in trailer.

After watching the trailer of falaknuma das trailer everyone is very much excited about this movie as the trailer has that much intense dialogues and story line of this movie is very much interesting and falaknuma trailer covers all concepts in this movie like entirely mass dialogues was spoken in this movie which made every to grab attention towards this movie trailer.

Vishwas sen in Falaknuma Das:

Falaknuma Das vishwas sen
Falaknuma Das vishwas sen

Vishwas sen in Falaknuma das trailer looks very confident towards his role and he is playing this mass kind of attitude for the first time onscreen and very much intense in his dialogues shows much love towards his character he is playing in this movie and powerful dialogues is the second plot where vishwas sen is good at and his part in this movie and his body language is superb with his mass dialogs took everyone’s attention.

Vishwas Sen Direct Debut:

Vishwas sen is also making a direction debut with this movie and seems to be he managed to do his director role as well respectable and promising as well impressive in falaknuma trailer.< /p>

Falkanuma Das movie Star Cast:Star Cast includes lead roles as follows:

Vishwas Sen

Tharun Bhascker Dhaaysam

Saloni Mishra


Falaknauma Das is Produced by Karate Raju and director debut by Vishwas Sen.

Falaknauma Das Release Date:

Film Falaknauma das maaskadas is scheduled to release in 2019.

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