Farhan Akhtar Sings I don’t know Mahesh Babu Bharat ane Nenu Movie Song


Bharat ane nenu song I don’t know which is sung by Farhan akhtar beautifully in his voice and lyrics for I don’t know song was provided by Ramjogaiah sastry and music by rockstar devi sri Prasad and stands out to be absolute winner and vocals of farhan akhtar are lovable by everyone and receiving lot of positive response for I don’t know song with the kind of energy and foot tapping beats filled with energy in I don’t know song from bharat ane nenu Mahesh babu starrer and plays a role of CM in movie.

I Don’t know song from Bharat Ane Nenu Movie:

Actor, director and Singer Farhan Akhtar gave his vocals for I don’t know song in mahesb babu movie bharat ane nenu and the concept of I don’t know song is completely different and appreciative in this film and Mahesh Babu in this lyrical video seen in foreign locations enjoying humming and singing I don’t know looks very fashanable in this movie as he always look in others movies and more delightful and handsome and this song has a peppy number beats and feel in this song I don’t know from bharat ane nenu film.

There is much more to know about this I don’t know song and seems to be a deep concept in this film with this song I don’t know and sung by farhan akhtar for first time collaborating with devi sri Prasad and Mahesh babu a superstar with a complete different rapo in this song I don’t know and plays a role of CM and gives Goosebumps for sure in I don’t know song.

I don’t know song Lyrics:

I don’t know song lyrics are very catchy and strike through once heard will be humming for sure for Mahesh babu starrer movie bharat ane nenu movie.

Making of I Don’t know Song

Making of I don’t know song in lyrical video released by makers included few clips of making video shots released and they are very inspiring and farhan really enjoyed singing for devi sri Prasad music and this is the first time farhan akhtar singing for the telugu film.

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