Fierce and Deadly Look of Naga Chaitanyas in Yuddham Sharanam First Look Released


Fierce and Deadly look of Naga Chaitanyas in Yuddham Sharanam First Look Released:

Naga Chaitanya upcoming movie Yuddham Sharanam first look has been released by the makers on July 2 2017 and its Naga Chaithanya’s 14 th movie #NC14 trending all over social media with his fierce look in Yuddham Sharanam which is directed by Krishna RV Marimuthu and produced by Rajani Korrapati. Yuddham Sharamam came out of no where no plans for the release date and its first look release came as there are many projects of Naga Chaitanya to come up keeping them behind and to surprise the fans of Naga Chaitianya came up with his deadly look with a little beard on him which suits him better for this movie Yuddham Sharam.

Naga Chaitanya’s Yuddham Sharanam 14 th movie of Naga Chaitanya and lavanya Tripathi and Srikanth playing the lead roles and journey to be a romantic thriller with debutant director Krishna Marimuthu. Makers of this movie Yuddham Sharanam released two posters with fierce look of Naga Chaitanya with aside redish fade on his face to add and other poster including Srikanth and Naga Chaitanya.

Naga Chaitanya in NC14 Yuddham Sharanam First Look:

Naga Chaitanya after the release of rarandoi veduka chuddam which is a complete family entertainer received a lot of appreciation in this movie and rakul preet playing the lead role in rarandoi veduka chuddam now comes with a serious look and in a Serious role of action love story will leave you in surprise in NC14 Yuddham Sharanam.

Naga Chaitanya’s 14 th film titled as Yuddham Sharanam as the name says this movie will be covering lot of action scenes with a message . Yuddham Sharanam with the first look grabs lot of attentions of audience and its all around social media making lot of buzz and after the look of Yuddham Sharanam look of Naga Chaitanya every one is enthusiastically excited for the release.

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Naga Chaitanya’s Yuddham Sharanam first look reveals lot of thing in first look poster as it includes several actors in Yuddham Sharanam poster covering main leads and star cast of this movie.

Lavanya tripathi tweeting the second poster first look yuddham Saranam movie on twitter

10 th movie of Varahi productions Featuring Naga Chaitanya NC 14 Launch by SS Rajamouli:

Its Naga Chaitanya 14 th movie and Varahi productions 10 th movie and producer Sai korraptai invited SS. Rajamouli Baahubali director as a guest as rajamouli debutant producer first the grand opening ceremony launch of his 10 th movie varahi production to be special including Naga Chaitanya and Lavany Tripathi as the main leads. The pair of Varahi production and SS.Rajamouli has a deep in connection as SS.Rajamouli’s Sai Korrapati debutant movie as a producer and SS.Rajamouli and Varahi Prouction have a good luck and came up with good movies like Eaga and Andhala Rakshasi will be interesting to see this 10 th movie and Naga Chaitanyas 14 th movie to give an another hit. From the first look of Yuddham Sharanam poster Naga Chaitanya look is very impressive and it’s a different story.

Naga Chaitanyas NC14 Yuddham Sharanam Star Cast:

Yuddham Sharanam Star cast as Naga Chaitanya and Lavanya Tripathi and Srikanth Playing the lead roles in Naga Chaitanya’s NC14 Yuddham Sharanam including the main roles of Revathi and Rao Ramesh in the lead roles with debutant director Krishna marimuthu under the production of varahi productions.

Yuddham Sharanam Naga Chaitanya NC14 Release Date:

Initial ceremony was started in February and fist look of Yuddham Sharanam released in July 2 2017 if everything goes well this movie will release in August 2017.

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