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High Energy of Pooja Hegde Dance in Jigelu Rani Song Lyrics Rangasthalam Ram Charan Tej Movie

Pooja Hegde in Jigelu Rani Song from Rangasthalam movie starring Ram Charan tej and Samantha Akkineni as the main leads and Pooja Hegde performing her stunning and sizzling moves looks so sexy and Pooja Hegde in village costumes looks eye-catching and her strike through dance performance is trending and Ram charan tej in Jigelu rani song dance is just superb and the energy ram charan tej dance performance will give you Goosebumps for sure and Pooja Hegde and Ram charan tej performing for Jigelu rani song with power pack and tremendous energy levels will make every one groove for this jigelu rani song from rangasthalam movie and Pooja hedge is already famous for Jigelu rani and Ram charan as jIgelu raja in a complete item song from Rangasthalam movie will set on fire on big cinemas which is releasing on March 30 2018 after samantha yentasakkagunnave song and rangamma mangamma, song, rangastalam title song this song will be highlight in this movie.

Pooja Hegde in Jigelu rani Song:

Jigelu rani song ram charan
Jigelu rani song ram charan

The Glamorous Pooja hedge is seen in performing her dance with high energy as she has to match up ram charan as he is a tremendous dancer and seems like pooja hedge dance and her stunning moves seems to be convincing in rangasthalam song Jigelu rani and she has to match up dancing speed of ram charan which is ever catchable seems good in jigelu rani song pooja hedge with her striking performance.

Pooja hedge in jigelu rani song is just great with lyrics with complete mass background and the costumes of pooja hedge wearing in jigelu rani song is just change over song from rangasthalam movie and now jigelu rani song is a chart climbing song from rangasthalam movie.

Ram Charan In Jigelu Rani Song Rangasthalam:

pooja hegde in Jigelu rani
pooja hegde in Jigelu rani

Ram charan shocked every one with his super dance speed performance in jigelu rani song alongside with Pooja Hegde in rangasthalam movie. The combo of ram charan and Pooje Hegde seems to be deadly in Jigelu Rani song and will be remembered always. Ram charan energy in the song is impeccable and a complete mass song with mass steps is superb.

Jigelu Rani Lyrics:

Oo muddu petave jigelu rani…Kannaina kotava jigelu rani…Oo muddu petave jigelu rani..Kannaina kotave jigelu rani

Muddemo mana sabaki petesaane..Kannemo tarananiki kottesane ..Muddemo mana sabaki ..petesaane

Kannemo tarananiki kottesane….Okasari vattestava jigelu rani..Kotta Presidentki adhi dachiunchaane

maapitela intikostava jigelu raani…nee ayya thoti poti neku vaddantane…mari nakem istave jigelu raani.. Oyy..

nuvu korindi edhanina ichestaale..

jil jil jil jigelu raaja….nuvu adigindi edaina kaadhantaana..jil jil jil jigelu raaja….unnadhadigithe nenu ledhantaana

nee vayasu sepave jigelu raani…nee Aaro classulo aapesaane..nuvu sadhivindenthe jigelu raani..maa magalla weakness sadhivesaane

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