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Jr NTR Tarak Hosting Big Boss Telugu First and Second Week Nominations and Eliminations: Eliminated Contestants

Jr NTR Tarak hosting Big Boss Telugu First and Second Week Nominations and Eliminations: Eliminated Contestants:

After the huge hype of Bigboss in bollywood hosting Salman khan and now in telugu version Tarak hosting grabbed lot of attention of stylish hosting of tarak at weekends and the participants in the house with the total count of 14 contestants with the first week participates sharing big boss house had clashes and misunderstanding in them with making two groups unwontedly and participants in telugu big boss are just in house to understand each other participants and they are doing good with few fights and cold wars in telugu big boss house.

As the house mates in telugu big boss successfully completed first two weeks and the entry of Tarak hosting bigboss to eliminate the first participant of telugu big boss with unhappy as the eliminations should be done as the game rules and format of the game and last week nominees for elimination round are as follows:-

Nominations for First Weekend Telugu Big Boss Eliminations:

1.Hari teja





After the 5 participants nominated for the first week eliminations each and every one is having an equal bond with the house inmates and as the first elimination comes to play with first weekend in the presence of Jr.Ntr Tarak one has to leave the big boss house as the votes provided by the audience only audience has the power to eliminate from big boss who are nominated for the elimination round as per the count of votes received to big boss Jyothi has to leave big boss house for the first week.

Jyothi eliminated for the first week from Big Boss house


Nominations for Second Weekend Telugu Big Boss Eliminations:

In mates of Big boss house left with 13 with the elimination of Jyothi in the first week and the participant who are nominated for the second week elimination round are as follows:

1.Sampoornesh babu

2.Madhu Priya



After Big Boss all set for the second week elimination round with sampoornesh babu and madhu priya receiving lot of votes from the inmates from the elimination round here comes the twist from sampoornesh babu and makes fuzz and turns angry young man and almost changed the situation of big boss house as he claimed to big boss that he cant live in big boss house as he is never been away from his home and family members and he tried statying in big boss house for 10 days but he cant stay and mentally becoming ill in big boss house and with the house mates as he shows some not willing to stay in big boss house and Big boss not really wanting to send sampornesh babu from the big boss leaves choice to Sampornesh babu as big boss is not willing to send him out of the big boss game house its up to your choice and reminds him about the contract which was initially signed before coming to big boss house and even after sampoornesh babu chooses to leave the house. Sampornesh babu leaves the house of big boss form the confession room.

After the walk out of Sampoornesh babu from the big boss house here comes the situation in the big boss house to become complicated for the audience to vote.

Who leaves the big boss house this weekend yet to be known as this is the weekend Jr.NTR hosting big boss comes forward to inmates and talks and plays few games and have a good time with inmates while hosting has to eliminate one person from the big boss. Lets wait and watch who went out from the big boss house this second week.

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