Jr.NTR Tarak Lava Kumar Good By Heart Like Ram in Lava Teaser Opposite to Jai in Jai Lava Kusa Movie Jr NTR Jai Lava Kusa Movie


Jr.NTR Tarak Lava Kumar Good By Heart Like Ram in Lava Teaser Opposite to Jai in Jai Lava Kusa Movie Jr NTR Jai Lava Kusa Movie:

Jai Lava kusa movie starring Jr.NTR Tarak playing the triple role for the first time in his career as lava, Jai and Kusa in Jai Lava Kusa movie. On the auspicious days of Vinayaka Chaturthi which is a big festival all over india makers have released the lava kumar teaser as he plays a character similar to Lord Ram. Now makers have released the trailer of Jai lava kusa movie with Jai teaser and gave an introductory part of Jai look in jai lava kusa and his straight forward ness with his different and exactly opposite character like ravan compared to Jai in Jai Lava kusa movie and its receiving lot of tremendous response from audience and fans and Lava teaser is breaking all the records with in the span of 1 hr after releasing the teaser of Jai movie and already crossed 1 million views on youtube already.

After the release of Jai teaser with introduction of Jai character in Jai lava kusa movie received lot of appreciation and over excited with his ferocious look with his stance in Jai teaser in which makers of Jai lava kusa compared Jr.NTR tarak character as Ravana and as deadly and cruel even said to be in jai teaser one who wants to kill me should be more than cruel than ravan with his violent looks and fight scenes with laughs at the end of the Jai teaser.

Jr.ntr tarak as lava kumar teaser in Jai lava kusa movie
Jr.ntr tarak as lava kumar teaser in Jai lava kusa movie

Jr.NTR Tarak Lava in Jai lava Kusa Teaser:

Lava Character in Jai lava kusa movie is sinciere, straightforward, good by heart like ram, Noble and has lot of good qualities in him in Lava character which tarak is playing in Jai Lava kusa movie. Lava kumar in jai lava kusa movie lives his own life with his own set of good and kindness in nature who doesn’t harm any one by his nature and Lava Kumar works for a private bank as a manager and he has a weekness of over kind ness and good heart and JR.NTR tarak presenting the way of his innocent and kindness character of Lava kumar is just remarkable and he just looks perfect for his Lava Kumar character and suddenly he realizes of his over good and kindness towards the people as he meets with an accident in movie and twists comes to play a role in jai Lava kusa movie.

Jrntr as lava kumar
Jrntr as lava kumar

Difference of Jr.NTR Tarak Lava Kumar Character and Jr.NTR Jai Character

Jr.NTR Tarak playing triple role in Jai lava kusa earlier he was seen and represented by the character of Jai from his upcoming movie Jai Lava Kusa as one of his character he plays in this movie. Jr. Ntr as Jai looks and compared to the character of Ravan and a devote of Ravan also in Jai lava kusa being so cruel in his mind and his character and he lay down completely with his character as ravan and make his character more powerful and dangerous by his looks in Jai teaser and in Jai teaser Jai is seen his hands tied his hands with iron rods where as Lava Kumar seen exactly and completely opposite to Jai character in Jai lava kusa movie. Lava kumar is seen carrying a suit case and Jai is seen his hands tied with iron rods in his neck aswell representing he is dangerious. Lava Kumar has a good heart and doest harm any one by any means in his life and works for a private bank where as Jai kills everyone who comes his way and he is devotee of ravana. There are many similarities we will cover them later after some days.

Jrntr lava kumar mets with an accident
Jrntr lava kumar mets with an accident

Jr.NTR Tarak Lava Teaser Background Music:

Background score music was composed by Devi Sri Prasad and good music is expected and devi sri Prasad never disappoint here yet again came with his outstanding music and background music was just awe-inspiring which gives everyone a feel of a good character of Jr Ntr tarak Lava Kumar character with soft music.

Jr.NTR Jai Lava Kusa Movie Release Date:

Jai Lava Kusa movie is all set to release on Dussehra 2017 and festival with lot of action from Jr.NTR tarak will be seen in Jai Lava Kusa movie as he plays triple role as In and As Characters of 3 people.

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