Kaala Movie Rajinikanth and Huma Quershi in Kaala Movie Star Cast and Release Date


Rajinikanth with his energetic and don character he plays in kaala movie and everyone is eagerly waiting for this film and trailer is here and it’s amazing. Superstar Rajanikanth next flick kaala teaser is out and receiving massive and fabulous response for rajinikanth performance in kaala movie as he looks dangerous and a don of a area who always do good things with a fight if needed and rajinikanth dresses black in kaala movie as this movie is titled as kaala (Black) and as this movie portray a character of don thalavia rajinikanth and huma qureshi playing the female lead opposite to rajinikanth this time and she is looking simple and beautiful in kaala movie. Huma Qureshi is playing along side with Rajinikanth for the first time and she is looking Georgious.

Rajinikanth new movie Kaala is up next and he also have a big project w shankar has 2point0 to hit big screens as well and after the release of Rajinikanth kaala trailer and kaala poster first look in which rajini kanth is seen in a jeep and its trendy with a mass look of Rajinikanth in kaala movie.

Rajinikanth Kaala Movie teaser Rajinikanth and Huma Quershi Trailer:

Rajinikanth in kaala movie dances
Rajinikanth in kaala movie dances

Starring Rajinikanth and Huma Qureshi movie kaala teaser look of rajinikanth is just mind-blowing and with beautiful background music of kaala movie and rajinikanth performance and his look in kaala movie will make you watch the teaser again and again. Rajinikanth with powerful and energetic character as Kaala.

Nana patekar in Kaala movie seen in trailer and he is responsible politician who doesn’t want kaala to do crime in his city and he wants his city clean with no gang wars and kaala does all good things for poor in his own way .

Rajini Kanth in Kaala Movie:

Kaala movie rajinikanth dialogues
Kaala movie rajinikanth dialogues

Rajinikanth in kaala movie looks tremendous and rajini kanth dialogues in kaala movie kya re setting ah is just superb to watch rajini kanth dialog delivery in kaala movie in hindi as this is a don based movie of Mumbai will be interesting to watch rajini kanth playing kaala character in this movie.

Rajinikanth Kaala Movie Action Scenes:

Action sequences shot in kaala movie are tremendous to watch and with his overpowering acting and his powerful dialogues at this age is to watch rajini sir performing is just awesome especially at few scenes rajini kanth fighting on a bridge with a knife in rain and his intense dialogue delivery and intense powerful shots pasteurized is awesome to watch Rajinikanth in Kaala move in style.

Rajinikanth in kaala movie fight scene
Rajinikanth in kaala movie fight scene

RajiniKanth Kaala Movie background Music:

Rajini kanth kaala movie just steals the show with rajini kanth on screen and with a powerful and awesome background music will just give you a feel of don movie and with action scenes rajini kanth fighting with goggles with black dress striking down other bad guys is awesome to see and taken very well.

Rajini kanth Kaala movie which is a mass oriented movie will definetly break all the records for sure and rajinikanth perofmance is overwhelming and dangerous don on his way to hit screens soon.

Huam Qureshi in Kaala movie
Huam Qureshi in Kaala movie

Rajinikanth Kaala Movie Star Cast:

  • Rajinikanth as Karikaalan “Kaala”
  • Nana Patekar as Antagonist
  • Samuthirakani
  • Eswari Rao as Karikaalan’s wife
  • Huma Qureshi as Zareena
  • Anjali Patil
  • Sukanya
  • Aravind Akash as Sivaji Rao Gaekwad
  • Sayaji Shinde
  • Sampath Raj
  • Ravi Kale
  • Pankaj Tripathi
  • Dhileepan
  • Yatin Karyekar
  • Sakshi Agarwal

Rajini Kanth Kaala movie release Date:

Rajinikanth kaala movie will be released on 27 April 2018.

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