Kaala Rajinikanth Movie First Look: Huma Qureshi, Anjali Patil in Kaala or Karikaalan


Kaala Rajinikanth MovieFirst Look: Huma Qureshi, Anjali Patil in Kaala or Karikaran

The upcoming movie of Super Star Rajinikanth Kaala Movie is all set for the release date and Kaala Rajinikanth Movie first look just released on Twitter by the makers and Rajinikanth looks so terrific and outstanding with his look in his own style. Kaala Rajinikanth Movie is produced by Dhanush k Raja. Huma Quershi, Samuthirakani and Anjali Patil will also be playing a role in Kaala Rajinikanth Movie.

The story of Kaala Rajinikanth Movie is all about a Mumbai based don and story of Kalikaran will be more or less , story will be around Mumbai based don named Kalikaran which will be played by Rajinikanth.

Kaala Rajnikanth Movie first looks
Kaala Rajnikanth Movie first looks

Kaala Rajinikanth Movie First Look: Gangster Look

Recently Makers have released the most enthusiastic and keen observer movie of Rajinikanth with few poster looks and Rajinikanth just made it again with his breathtaking and serious looks in the first look with his avatar(look) in Kaala Rajinikanth movie.

Look of Rajanikanth in Kaala Rajinikanth Movie: Poster

Rajinikanth in Kaala Rajinikanth Movie f irst look poster he was seen in a local scary mass don look a kind of with is fierceness in his face with blood on his face and makers of Kaala Rajinikanth Movie managed to keep the poster in a complete black background with dust or smoke covered in poster and Rajinikanth wearing a black color shirt as the name of the movie and Rajinikanth will be playing an in and as role in Kaala Rajinikanth Movie. First look poster reveals many things a railway track where people playing cricket and Rajinikanth sitting in middle like a king.

One of Kaala Rajinikanth Movie poster look Rajinikanth sitting on the geep in his unique style with goggles with his eyebrows turning up and there is street dog behind him in the poster of Kaala Rajinikanth Movie first look poster and the background and the backdrop of the first look poster covered with lot of house like basti or his area in Mumbai where he rules.

From the poster’s it is clear that Rajinikanth will be ruling the streets of Mumbai and playing a complete and perfect don pose in Rajinikanth style.

He previously played a don role in his last movie kabaali which his role was appreciated a lot and received a lot of appreciation for his acting.

When it comes to Rajinikanth every one will be inspecting and practicing and tries to imitate the style of Rajininkant from his movies. Whether it may be from Basha to Kabaali flying a cigarette in air and catching it or it may be laughs of Rajinikanth or dialogues. For now the makers Kaala Rajinikanth Movie just released the poster and it created a lot of buzz in social media about his new look.

Kaala Rajinikanth Movie Actress:

Huma Qureshi will be playing in pairing with Rajini opposite Rajinikanth in Kaala Rajinikanth Movie.
Marathi Actress will be playing a role in Kaala Rajinikanth Movie Rajinikanth and Anjali patil to share sceen with Rajinikanth in Kaala or Kalikaran.

Kaala Rajinikanth Movie Release Date:

Kaala Rajinikanth Movie released date is yet to be confirmed from the makers its still in under production.

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