Katamarayudu Teaser : Pawan Kalyan, Shruthi Hassan


Katamarayudu Teaser: Pawan Kalyan, Shruthi Hassan

Katamarayudu is upcoming movie of pawan kalyan as pwana kalyan was last seen in Sardar Gabbar singh. Shruthi Hassan playing a lead role in this movie. Katamarayudu is a much awaited movie in Tollywood and fans go crazy as they see Pawan Kalyan on screen. The makers of Katamarayudu released the official teaser which is of 40 sec has been released on YouTube.

The movie teaser is released now and pawan kalyan is playing a role of In and as role Katamarayudu in this movie it’s a real treat for pawan kalyan fans.

The teaser is a power packed teaser and pawan kalyan is as dynamic as ever the presence of pawan kalyan is too much electrifying.

The trailer starts with the bunch of people running and chasing someone with knifes in hands to kill and later power star pawan kalyan appears in the style with a katamarayudu style get up which is perfectly set to pawan kalyan.

This trailer doesn’t reveal much about the movie, the background music is heard to be very good and as seen in the trailer pawan kalyan sitting on a chair and his powerful angry looks as katamarayudu is very much likely to be seen in the katamarayudu teaser.

In teaser pawan kalyan saying the power full power start punch as katamarayudu “entha mandi unnarannadi mukyam kadu .. evadunnadu anede mukyam”.

Wishes from all other tollywood co-strarted wishing katamarayudu best wishes in twitter and cant wait to see pawan kalyans Katamarayudu as Pawan kalyan is looking too good in the teaser and the background music was very much likely composed for this movie and likely to be listen by all kind of audiences.

Katamarayudu Records:

Katamarayudu teaser just released by makers and it already started breaking records and Katamarydu becoming the fastest to hit one million in real time views in tollywood. Tweeted by katamarayudu team in twitter. There is no surprising where pawan kalayn is seen that much dynamic and that much powerful screen presence.

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