Keerthy Suresh Mahanati Movie Characters and Roles, Star Cast and Crew:


Keerthy Suresh mahanati movie which is a biopic of legendary actress Late Savitri and this is the first biopic in Telugu industry. Star cast and roles of mahanati movie are very exciting and it’s a biopic of Savitri makers with their dedication and lot of hardword from the actors starring in this movie as Keerthy Suresh playing the role of Saviti in Mahanti movie and Samantha will be playing a role of Madhuravani and Vijaya Devrakonda playing a role of a journalist in this movie for the first time playing alongside with samanta and sharing his screen space with her and Dulqueer Saleem will be playing a role of Gemini Ganeshan in mahanati movie apart from this Naga Chaitanya will be seen playing a role of Akkineni Nageshwar rao role in Mahanati Movie alongside with Keerthy Suresh as Savitri in this film and there are plenty of Surprising stars playing roles in Mahanati Movie like kajal Aggarwal and so on and making huge noise in tollywood and social media with the huge star cast and crew playing different and Surprising roles which are not expected in Mahanti Movie.

Keerthy Suresh as Mahanati Savitri:

Mahanati movie characters and roles
Mahanati movie characters and roles

As everyone knows keerthy suresh is playing the lead role in Mahanati movie playing as Savitri and Keerhty suresh with her looks flawless in every frame and everyone is loving her looks as Savitri and keerthy suresh completely looks like a replica of Savitri in Mahanit Movie admired many people to jaw their drop and grabbed perfect attention and after release of Mahanti movie trailer she completely took every one to back to the ages of Savitri and made emotional as well with her looks in mahanti movie and this film is keenly awaited movie of the year which his of great story which is never ever told and known and the goddess of cinema savitri is every would love to watch on big screens and promotions are on swing fro this mahanati film.

Samantha in Mahanati Movie:

Samantha will be seen playing a role of Madhuravani in Mahanati movie and as she plays pretty well her character in this movie alongside with Vijay Devarakonda in this movie and Samantha has a different look for Savitri biopic movie Mahanati.

Vijay Devarakonda in Mahanati Movie:

Vijay Devarakonda will be playing cruicial in Mahanti film playing a role of a journalist and sharing screen space more time with Samantha Akkineni in Mahanati film and this is big opportunity for him to prove his acting as he earlier proved with his role in Arjun Reddy he is seen in an old look taking back to 70’s and 80’s and it’s a buys year ahead for vijaya devarakonda in tollywood.

Dulquer Saleem in Mahanati Movie:

Dulquer Saleems debut movie in telugu cinemes with Mahanti movie. Duqueer Saleem will be playing a very important and lead role in mahanti film and he will be seen as Gemini Ganeshan in Savitri Bipoic playing alongside with Keerthy Suresh as Savitri in mahanti film. Dulquer Saleem for the first time playing alongside with Keerthy Suresh and in Mahanti these two pairs looks so perfect for Savitri Biopic as keerhty as Savitri and Dulquer Saleem as Gemini Ganeshan in this film and everything looks great about the characters of this movie appearing in Mahanti movie.

Mohan Babu as S V Ranga Rao in Mahanati Movie:

Mohan Babu will be seen playing a role of Legendary actor Sv Ranga rao from movie mayabazar and mohanbabu look from mahanati movie playing as S V Ranga Rao and he will be seen in a role playing for Vivaha Bojanambu song from Mayabazar movie and Mohan Babu as S v Ranga rao looks perfect and reminds S V Ranga Rao in Mahanati movie.

Kajal Aggarwal in Mahanati Movie:

Kajal Aggarwal is also playing a crucial role in Mahanti film and makers have released the poster of Kajal Aggarwal and till now makers have not yet revealed the character of Kajal Agarwal in Mahanati Movie and its surprising and making very curious for everyone to know which role kajal agarwal is playing in Mahanati Movie.

Mahanati Movie will be released in Malyalam as well and makers have presented the poster of Mahanati movie and everyone is loving it and mahanati movie is all set to release on May 9th to break all the records.

Naga Chaitanya as Akkineni Nagaeswar rao(ANR):

Naga Chaitanya will be seen as Akkineni Nageshwar rao (ANR) in Mahanati movie and savitri as Keethy suresh will be seen together as ANR in this film.

Srinivasa Avasarala as L V Prasad in Mahanati Movie:

The character intro of Srinivasa Avasarala will be appearing as L V Prasad in Mahanti movie has been released and its very exciting to see Srinivasa Avasarala as L V Prasad in this film.

Dubbing of Characters Played in Mahanti movie are dubbed by the actors and actress own voice which is very excellent in Savitri Biopic movie and every one gave their 100 percent for this movie and worked hard to make savitri Biopic.

Mahanati Movie Songs:

Mahanati with audio songs topping all the chartbuster and mahanti movie having 5 songs in this film and songs are titled as : Mahanati – title track, Aagipoye Baalayama, Mooga Manasulu, Sada Nannu, Chivaraku Migiledi. Lyrics for Sastry duo are highlights for mahanati movie.

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