Keerthy Suresh in Mahanati Movie Savitri and Starring Samantha Akkineni, Dulquer Salman and Vijay Devarakonda


The much awaited and aniticipated biopic movie of telugu cinemas and here comes the first look of Mahanati movie with a multi starrer movie which is a story of a legendary actress Savitri, the great story ever told about the great actress that ever lived an iconic actress ever blessed with the only actress savitri which is directed by Nag Ashwin. Keerthy suresh as mahanati savitri sets really perfect for the role and looks completely like legendary actress savitri in released teaser of Mahanati movie and keerthy suresh performance is at peaks gives completely as living legend savitri a classy heart touching is absolutely twinning as keerthy suresh plays as savitri .

Keerthy Suresh as Savitri in Mahanati movie:

Keerthy suresh as savitri look from devdas still
Keerthy suresh as savitri look from devdas still

Its really very hard to tell its savitri or keerthy suresh playing a role in mahanati movie its absolutely close to legendary savitri. Keerthy suresh as savitri in mahanati movie look is just awesome its whoow takes back to classy heart touching biopic of savitri and its an epic keerthy suresh playing as savitri and looks very very close almost very close to savitri look and performance of keerthy suresh in mahanati movie is perfect gives everyone Goosebumps for sure and its just a teaser released by the makers and keerthy suresh just stole every one heart by her looks and her performance in mahanati movie apart from Samantha akkineni is not seen in the teaser as mahanati savitri role played by Keerthy suresh is superb and outstanding no words to describe her appearance as savitri in mahanati movie and the entire casting will rock for sure.

Everyone is eager to see savitri again on big cinemas and keerthy suresh has done it with her tremendous performance and looks will not leave you disappointed in mahanati movie. Keerhy suresh seen in this movie with her large eyes just amazing and giving stills and performing and as it’s a biopic of her stories which are not known to the real world will be seen in this mahanati movie and its just amazing to watch keerthy suresh as savitri.

Keerthy Suresh Look in Mahanati Movie:

keerthy suresh in mahanati movie
keerthy suresh in mahanati movie

Keerthy Suresh is seen in teaser a clip from old devdas movie where late old actress savitri performing in devdas movie and in mahanati movie keerthy suresh is seen in the same place giving a pose from devdas movie looks just like original savitri from devdas movie with same costume is just superb to watch in mahanati movie trailer.

Samantha in Mahanati Movie:

Samantha in Mahanati movie
Samantha in Mahanati movie

Samantha Plays a role of Madhuravani in mahanati movie and her look in mahanati movie with spects in white saree with an innocent look with a background voice to be noted not for sure its her voice.

Vijay Devarakonda In mahanati Movie:

Vijay Devarakonda plays a role of Anthony the charm of 80’s everything coming from mahanati movie is intriguing and innovative and a path-breaking with a high quality feel of mahanati movie as keerthy suresh plays the titular role and every one will be in confuse that is it keerthy suresh or savitri performing.

Vijay devarakonda is seen in mahanati movie teaser as Samantha is seen from back as her look is revealed in posters but not seen in trailer of mahanati movie. Vijay devarakonda seen recently playing a role of a drunken man of todays generations in Arjun Reddy received lot of appreciation for his role and now vijay devarakonds turns to 80’s people the huge transformation of every actor in mahanati movie is appreciable and receiving over whelming response all over and kudos for the performances.

Samantha and Vijay Devarakonda in Mahanati Movie

Vijay devarakonda and Samantha in Mahanati Movie
Vijay devarakonda and Samantha in Mahanati Movie

In Recently released teaser of Mahanati movie vijay devarakonda and Samantha are seen together playing alongside in one frame seen and vijay devarakonda looks comepltely different in this film mahanati and Samantha is seen from behind in mahanati teaser.

Mahanati Movie Release Date:

Mahanati movie is all set to release on May 9 2018.

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