Naga Chaitanya Savyasachi Movie First Look With Both Arrows Behind Throwing at once Like Arjuna


Naga Chaitanya Savyasachi First Look With Both Arrows Behind Throwing at once Like Arjuna

Naga Chaitanya upcoming movie is titled as Savyasachi and playing a role of Savyasachi which is another name for Arjuna look is unveiled and recently Naga chaitanya announced his upcoming movie with first look of his in Savyasachi movie and first look is grabbing lot of attention all around after the release in social media and first look of Savyasachi movie receiving lot of appreciation and everyone is wowing the first look of Naga Chaitanya upcoming movie Savyasachi movie.

Naga chaitanya is currently working on Yuddham Sharanam movie which starts Srikant, lavanya Tripati and Naga Chaitanya as the main lead which is about to release this year soon. After the completion of Yudhham sharanam movie Naga Chaitanya will be completely working on Savyasachi movie his next. Savyasachi movie is directed by Chandoo Modeti of premeam and Karthikeya fame and naga chaitanya collaborating for the second time with Chandoo after premam movie and now with Savyasachi movie.

Naga Chaitanya in Savyasachi movie:

Naga Chaitrany in Savyasachi movie with the first look out everyone is excited to know what role Naga Chaitanya will be playing and the plot and main story of this Savyasachi movie but this is yet to confirmed by the makers including the start cast.

In Savyasachi movie its expected to see Naga Chaitanya playing a role alike like Arjuna. Savyasachi is another name for Arjuna and the main reason for calling Arjuna by this name Savyasachi because Arjuna has special skills of throwing arrows from both hands perfectly without missing the target at a time after that people started calling him Savyasachi and first look of Naga Chaitanya Savyasachi movie reveals the same giving a glimpse of naga chaitanya from his back without showing his face.

In Savyasachi movie first look of Naga Chaitanya is also seen holding his both hands with two arrows ready to throw hiding arrows behind. Naga Chaitanya in this role is very exciting and curious to see what he does apart from throwing arrows at a time with his both hands.

Savyasachi Movie Naga Chaitanya Star Cast:

Savyasachi movie start cast is not yet revealed till now we just know Naga Chaitanya is playing the lead role with an interesting character and other star cast is yet to be revealed by the makers of the movie which is under Mythri movie makers.

Savyasachi Naga Movie Chaitanya Release Date:

First look of Savyasachi movie is just released on August 16 th 2017 and shooting is not yet started for this movie this movie is expected to release in 2018.

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