Prabhas ProjectK Look Copied From Iron Man?


After makers unveiling the poster of ProjectK Prabhas look everyone is shocked and fans has expected more from the movie as the project movie is a super hero movie and the hype for ProjectK movie given by makers after unveiling Deepika Padukone look was worthy waiting but projectk look of Prabhas is really disappointing for fans and Prabhas darling fans as it is same like iron man poster.

Prabhas ProjectK Look Copied From Iron Man

Yes! Prabhas ProjectK first look is similar to iron man poster and the difference in both the posters of iron man and Prabhas first look poster is just the head of both stars only face is difference and the suit which is seen in both posters.

If you can tell difference between iron man and Prabhas is just the suit and the face and exactly seems the concept is same we have to wait and watch till the movie gets released.

Fans of Prabhas are Still ok somehow, that the darling Prabhas will be seen in super hero and the movie will not be same to same like iron man.

Prabhas is wearing a Suit of super hero and the suit looks similar and the poster looks similar that’s it but the movie will not be exactly the same and Prabhas wearing iron man suit is also ok because super hero needs a suit and it can be same or somewhat close to what iron man was wearing and Iron man is fictional hero by marvels and the inspiration of iron man is also taken by books and marvel comics and Prabhas projectk movie has released by makers before comic con of project k release.

If you are wondering that project look copied from iron man and why director nag Ashwin showing it same as iron man then its not to worry or wonder, A super hero who has super powers needs to wear a suit and the suit may look similar but not everything will be same.

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