Sai Pallavi in Fidaa Movie Makes Everyone Fidaa And Steals Everyone Hearts with Her Power packed Performance: Fidaa Movie


Sai Pallavi in Fidaa Makes Everyone Fidaa and steals Everyone Hearts with Her Power packed Performance: Fidaa Movie

After the release of Fidaa Movie the most and much awaited movie of tollywood Fidaa Movie as it has been many years since the combination of sekhar kammula and Dil Raju coming together with long time after Anand movie and yet they create magic yet again and straight away and haven’t disappointed audience and receiving tremendous response from all kind of audiences and its running houseful as expected by the makers and sai pallavi in fidaa movie everyone is loving her in fidaa movie. Fidaa movie Sai Pallavi … Sai Pallavi means Fidaa everyone who uses the word fidaa will remember Sai Pallavi from now after watching Fidaa Movie. Sai pallavi is core in fidaa movie she just did tremendous acting, dance, sentiment, love, hate, village girl, agricultural student, playing a role of little sister and daddy’s girl, relationship, a good take career of her father and many more which cant be covered here that’s why every is fidaa on Sai Pallavi.

Sai pallavi in fidaa movie
Sai pallavi in fidaa movie

Georgiou’s Sai Pallavi in Fidaa Movie:

Sai Pallavi with red cheeks in fidaa movie playing a role of a typical village girl a completely different and unique girl with her wishes, straight forward girl and her thinking. Sai pallavi is a student of Agriculture and she also drives trackter to do farm work in fidaa movie.

Sai Pallavi just stole every one heart and remains in everyone heart “Fidaa” with her tremendous performance in her recently released movie Fidaa and everyone is Fidaa with the performance of Sai Pallavi in Fidaa Movie from start of the movie to the end of the movie you won’t wish to miss her presence on screen she is just tremendous and she is the heart of the movie.

Sai Pallavi in fidaa movie when it comes to the dance or when it comes to dialogues of Telangana or when it comes to the sentiment part in Fidaa movie Sai pallavi is outstanding and you cant take your eyes of her in Fidaa movie. After the release of Pilla renuka song and the dance by Sai Pallavi in pilla renuka song which almost took fidaa movie to the next level with the lyrics and as well as song choreography and Sai Pallavi dance movies which is outstanding dacne performances by her in pilla renuka song as she is the dancer she has made her dance movie so nicely and eye catchy movies of her hips and her whold body rhythm was perfectly done. Not only the part of dance she is tremendous entirely in Fidaa movie.

Punch Dialogues of Sai Pallavi in Fidaa Movie:

Sai Pallavi has a several punch dialogues in movie with the dialogue delivery of Sai pallavi in fidaa movie was perfect and she says it perfect as a telangana girl with a good comedy sense of humor.Sai pallavi is good with dance, facial expressions, gestures in fidaa movie everything sets her to make Fidaa movie watch over and over for her and everyone go fidaa on her.

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