Samantha Akkineni Rangasthalam Look as Rama lakshmi and Ram Charan in Rangasthalam


Stunning looks of Samantha as Rama lakshmi first look Teaser

Samntha playing a role of Rama Lakshmi along side with Ram Charan in this movie and the character of her in Rangasthalam is special about her in Rangasthalam movie for convinced with her rustic looks and village saree looks and building up the excitement for this movie. Samantha Akkineni Rangasthalam look which was released on 9th feb 2018 and her stills in rangasthalam movie with her stunning performance and Samantha akkineni rangasthalam look made lot of buzz in social media as she plays a village girl and her role is certainly never seen before as in Rama lakshmi trailer of Rangasthalam looking beautiful and samantha was last seen in a horror movie Raju Gari Gadhi 2 and received tremendous response with raju gari gadhi 2 huge box office collections.

With the release of rangasthalam rama lakshmi introductory teaser of Samantha of time less than 30 sec grabbed lot of attention with voice of Ram charan in the background giving introduction of Samantha as Rama Lakshmi as his love interest in rangasthalam movie and with the look and character of Ram charan as chitti babu a sound engineer in this movie and chitti babu and Rama Lakshmi in rangasthalam movie with prominent role will definitely brings magic together on 29 th march 2018.

Rangasthalam samantha look as rama lakshmi
Rangasthalam samantha look as rama lakshmi

Samantha Akkineni Rangasthalam Movie Look:

Rangasthalam movie samantha smile
Rangasthalam movie samantha smile

Georgiou’s and lovely Samantha with her stunning looks stole every one heart in just her first introductory part of her upcoming flik Rangasthalam movie and as expected with her look grabbed lot of attention and received massive positive response loving Samantha as Rama Lakshmi look. Rangasthalam village look of Samantha was convinced as expected and this is the first time a female heroine introductory teaser crossing 7 million digital views all over and making new records achieving a new feat of records all over with Rama Lakshmi look of Samantha teaser.

Samantha in Rangasthalam movie on Bicycle:

Samantha as  Rama  Lakshmi in Rangasthalam movie riding a bicycle
Samantha as Rama Lakshmi in Rangasthalam movie riding a bicycle

Samantha as Rama lakshmi in Rangasthalam movie with a different character this time in this movie playing opposite to Ram charan as a village girl in introductory teaser of Rama lakshmi is also seen riding a old bicycle in village.

Transformation of Samantha Akkineni to a Village Girl:

Rangasthalam movie samantha look
Rangasthalam movie samantha look

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Transformation of Samantha Akkineni playing a village girl in Rangasthalam movie looking just perfect wearing a saree and carrying water in village is just outstanding and her body language as a village attire and clothing is just superb to watch in rangasthalam rama lakshmi teaser and Samantha wearing clothes of villages people makes everything looks ideal on her.

Samantha Smile in Rangasthalam move just stole every one heart with her beautiful smile as her smile makes everyone to say just wow what a smile at the end of the teaser of Rama Lakshmi just gives a glimpse of her beauty in a stunning pose of her near a small river is just remarkable pose.

Rangasthalam Movie Release Date:

Movie will be hitting big cinemas soon 29th March 2018.

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