Telugu Awe Movie Cast and Crew: Kajal Aggarwal, Nithya Menen, Regina Cassandra:


Awe movie which received lot of hype and craze with the release of first look and interestingly Telugu awe movie which is Nani first production with multi starrer movie grabbed lot of attention with the release of theatrical trailer fascinatingly each and every character in this movie and with 3 distinct characters and looks will make everyone feel and say”Awe” with the story and star studded star cast.

Awe Telugu Movie:

Kajal Aggarwal in awe movie
Kajal Aggarwal in awe movie

Awe movie has everything that we expect will be receiving lot of Goosebumps moments in this movie . Trailer starts with the music and humming of la la la and voice in background says about the diary saying last entry of my diary and says today I am going to commit a mass murder today which takes awe movie trailer to a different level introducing the coffee shop in awe movie story revolves all around the coffee shop and the characters of diary.

Awe Telugu movie doesn’t give you several hints about the story of awe movie but visuals of telugu awe trailer is breathtaking looks of each of every character involved in this movie. Awe Movie trailer starts with the background sound of la la la which completely takes you to a different mood and upbringing teaser and presentation of awe movie trailer was cut down very interestingly making audience more curious for this movie.

Story of Awe Movie:

Story of Awe movie is inspired from true events producer nani first production house is bringing true stories which is receiving lot of positive response. Awe movie story spin around in a coffee shop and same table with same order every day.

Magician in Awe movie:

Murali sharma magician in awe movie
Murali sharma magician in awe movie

A magician in Awe movie is played by murali Sharma and he says its not a magic its an insult in awe movie trailer and will have to wait and see why he said that after movie releases and hit big cinemas on Feb 16th 2018 and its also seen in trailer magician murali Sharma seen with a crocodile inside bathroom.

Awe movie under the banner of Wall poster cinema and first nani production will be surprising everyone. Awe movie with the release of trailer already trending with these hashtags on everywhere : #Awe #AweMovie #AweTrailer #Nani #KajalAggarwal #NithyaMenen #Regina #PrasanthVarma

Voice and Dialogues of Nani in Awe Movie:

Nani giving voice to a fish in awe movie and nani voice adding more strong base line to the story with his powerful intense dialogue deliveries with the voice of fish in awe movie will be highlight in this awe film. In trailer nani says “chapalaku kuda kannillu untai boss kaani neellalo untam kada kanapadav ante” which means in English (even fish sheds tears boss you just cant see them since we stay in water).

Ravi teja will also be seen playing a voice over featuring a voice of a bonsai who is the other narrator along side voice of Nani in awe movie.

Kajal Aggarwal in Awe Movie:

kajal in Awe movie trailer
kajal in Awe movie trailer

Telugu Awe movie which is a all round mix movie for sure and kajal aggarwal with no doubt steals the show as she did in previous movies with admirable role and trying for new and interesting role and movie seems to be versatile and Kajal aggarwal sits in coffee shop with a red rose. Kajal Agarwal appearance in awe movie trailer will be giving Goosebumps every one for sure and kajal aggarwal will be having a very interesting character and seems like everything is perfect and the character of kali will be amazing everyone this time.

At the end when all the characters of awe movie appearing and giving a glimpse of their looks finally comes the introductory part of Kajal Aggarwal and everything seems changing when kajal aggarwal appears with her gorgeous beauty and pleasant music with soft touch of her fingers touching red rose and ripping off rose petals in sad moments gives Goosebumps.

Look of kajal aggarwal in awe movie wearing a rose color with brown sitting on a coffee shop table and her eyes filled with tears and pain is superb and kajal aggarwal says I feel not guilty at the start kajal saying today I am going to commit a mass murder in awe movie.

Nithya Menen In Awe Movie:

nithya menen in Awe movie
nithya menen in Awe movie

Nithya Menen as always grabs lot of attention with her stunning looks and dialogues she is seen saying how can we call gods creation as a sin taking story of awe movie to another level at the end of Awe trailer Nithya menen steals the show with her beautiful smile is just pleasant.

Regina Cassandra In Awe Movie:

Regina Cassandrain awe movie
Regina Cassandrain awe movie

Regina Cassandra will be playing a character of waiter in a coffee shop where the entire story of awe movie story spins around. Regina Cassandra in this movie will be playing a important character and this time regina is seen in a different role with a new look this time having a emo character with tattoo on her body is looking stunning and makes everyone surprise and regina Cassandra seems very serious and ferocious in this movie hiding all the sad moments in her life inside her seems like that in awe movie.

Srin ivas Avasarala In Awe Movie:

Awe movie srinivas avasarala
Awe movie srinivas avasarala

Srinivas avasarala will be playing significant huge role in awe movie as in movie he is seen with a different look with long hair tied with knot seen always with clock behind him or along side.

Esha rebba will also be playing an important role in awe movie.

Star Cast of Awe Movie:

Awe movie which is a multi starrer movie and kajal aggarwal and srini avasarala will be playing the lead along side with nithya menen, regina Cassandra and murali Sharma as a magician in awe movie and full star cast of awe movie includes:

  • Kajal Aggarwal
  • Nithya Menen
  • Regina Cassandra
  • Eesha Rebba
  • Srinivas Avasarala
  • Murali Sharma
  • Rohini
  • Priyadarshi Pullikonda
  • Nani(Narrator/Voiceover for Fish)
  • Ravi Teja (Narrator/Voiceover for Tree)
  • Hari Teja
  • Devadarshini
  • Kaitlyn D’mello (Kate)

Awe Movie Release Date

Awe movie will be released world wide on February 16 2018.

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