Yentha Sakkagunnave Song Rangasthalam Movie Ram Charan and Samantha Akkineni


Yentha Sakkagunnave Lakcchmi Song Rangasthalam Lyrical Video:

The first single song of most awaiting movie Rangasthalam starring Ram Charan and Samantha Akkineni as the main leads which is titled as Yentha Sakkagunnave song featuring Ram Charan and Samantha Akkineni as the song will be on completely ram charan describing the beauty of Samantha akkineni in this song and Samantha took to twitter saying this is her favorite song adding more curious and e excitement doubled for this song Yentha Sakkagunnave.

Ram Charan Plays a role of a villager in rangasthalam and ram charan cant listen in this movie he only responds to lip moment and he himself calls as a sound engineer in this movie. Its very interesting to see how Ram Charan as Chitti babu in Yentha Sakkagunnave song will be performing and winning the heart of Samantha Akkineni (Rama Lakshmi).

Ram Charan and Samantha in Yentha Sakkagunnave Song:

Yentha Sakkagunnave song which is completely different which is a melody song will going to stay in your heart for a long time and a sure top chart buster and for sure revisit song for various times and keeping expecting high for this song marking the tune and dance of ram charan will be on peaks in this melody song with his extraordinary performance.

Ram charan in completely different look playing alongside with Samantha Akkineni and expected to be the top song from the Rangasthalam movie album Yentha Sakkagunnave song rama lakshmiii and Ram Charan and Samantha with their different village look and Yentha Sakkagunnave which is shot in completely village backdrop will be sure stealing everyone hearts.

Music of Yentha Sakkagunnave Song Rangasthalam Movie:

Music of Yentha Sakkagunnave will be outstanding as seen in trailer background music and introductory teaser of Samantha akkineni as Rama Lakshmi the background music which is composed by Rockstar Devi Sri Prasad will be surely hitting all hearts again with melody and soft music in Yentha Sakkagunnave song.

Ram Charan Enjoys as Chitti Babu in Rangasthalam movie as he is seen in every teaser and trailer he is enjoying his role and reprising a villager character perfectly.

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