Samyuktha Menon Upcoming Movies 2023, 2024


Samyulta menon who started her career in 2016 and she appears in Malayalam and Telugu, tamil movies and her role in Vathi in Tamil and Sir movie in telugu (bilingual movie) alongside with Dhanush as a school teacher is well recognised and she received lot of appreciation for her acting skills previously in malayalam and telugu and tamil as well.

upcoming movies or Samyuktha Menon Upcoming Movies 2023, 2024

With her gorgeous looks and her breath taking screen presence will not let you take eyes of her and she appeared previously in Virupaksha movie which is a spine thriller and she yet again proved that she can be perform any role and with her outstanding performance took Virupaksha movie to the next level as she plays a role of Nandini in Virupaksha movie, 

Samyuktha Menon Upcoming Movies 2023, 2024

In 2023 Samyukta Menon has 5 movies to be released in Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam and in which 4 movies have been released in 2023 till June and she will also appear in Bro movie is yet to be released.

List of Samyuktha Menon Movies in 2024

Samyukta menon has many big movies in her hand in 2024 and few of them which are announced officially are Gunturu karam

Samyukta Menon in Guntur Kaaram in 2024

Samyukta movie will be appearing in Guntur Kaaram movie opposite to Mahesh Babu and in Gunturu  Karam movie there are other female leads as well and Sreeleela and Pooja Hegde will also appear in Guntur Kaaram movie – highly inflammable.

List of Samyuktha Menon Movies in 2023

Vaathi Movie in Tamil  and Sir Movie in Telugu

Vaathi movie in Telugu Sir Movie starring Dhanush and Samykta Menon in lead roles in which Dhanush and Samyukta will be playing lead roles as school teacher who help students to get top rank by fighting education mafia system in vaathi (sir) movie. 

Samyukta and DHanush as school teacher in this movie Vaathi (sir in telugu) chemistry was so adorable and likable and screen presence of these two stars together is very much likely to draw everyone;s attention.

Samyukta Menon Sir vaathi movie enter 100 cr club

Samyuktha Menon and Dhanush - sir - vaathi movie joins 100 cr club

Samyuka Menon Vaathi movie – sir movie in telugu enter 100 cr club and its a huge blockbuster and its successful movie in both languages tamil and telugu and screen presence of Samyukta menon and dhanush is outstanding together on screen.

Bimbisara with Kalyan Ram

Samyukta menon in bimbisara movie as police officer

In 2023, Samyukta Menon also appeared in Bimbisara movie along side with Nandamuri Kalyan Ram and she played a role of SI Vyjayanti and samyukta menon as a police offer received very positive response and appreciable for her role in Bimbisara movie.

Boomerang Movie Malayalam

Boomerang Malayalam movie of Samyukta Menon released in 2023 february which is written and directed by Manu Sudhakaran starring Shine Tom Chacko as the lead roles along with Chemban vinod jose, Dain Davis, Baiju which release in theaters in february 2023.

Virupaksha Movie in Telugu

Samyukta Menon and Sai Dharam Tej in Virupaksha Movie

In 2023 Samyuktha Menon Virupaksha movie – a supernatural horror mystery  which is a black magic movie is released and grabbed lot of attention, with her acting performance in Virupaksha movie at some point makes your spine chilling thriller and Samyuktha menon role in Virupaksha is outstanding and her screen presence made a lot of difference with Samyukta Menon – terrifying role

Bro Movie in Telugu 

Samyukta Menon will also be seen in Bro movie 

Devil movie

In the Devil – A British Secret Agent movie Samyukta menon will be sharing screen space with Nandamuri kalyan ram after Bimbisara movie and yet movie details are not yet released by makers.

List of Samuka Meon Movies in Tamil in 2023 

In 2023 Samyukta menon appeared in Tamil movie Vaathi as Meenakhsi

List of Samuka Menon Movies in Malayalam 2023

Boomerang movie of Samyukta movie is released in Malyalaym.

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