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Marvel studios Black widows is an avenger and she is most talented spies and assassin who is a shield agent and alter on became an avenger. Black widows is a fictional superhero character played by Scarlett Johansson and her appearance and her screen presence and with her talent liked by all audience and she is one of the most loved avengers and agents of shield as well.

Black widow is always seen in avengers movie and other captain America winter solder or any marvel movies she was seen in black dress and this time in this black widows Natasha Romonoff will be seen in white suite as well and Scarlett Johannsson is looking pretty cool in white dress.

Story of Black Widow – Natasha Romanoff

Black widow movie is all about how much do you know black widow (Natasha Romanoff) before she was an avenger she lived a lot of life’s. Before she got avengers family what she was doing and how and when she was recruited is not know to everyone till now and what mistakes she did in her life and this time marvel bringing back where it all started with Natasha Romanoff character and getting closer to Natasha Romanoff life and her secrets and her legacy and how she was trained. That’s why Marvel now introducing Black widow movie to know more about black widow – Natasha Romanoff.

Black widow movie is completely focus of black widow aka Natasha Romanoff life story before she joined shield and she was recruited by shield and how she became shield agent. Black widows movie covers everything in her life since from the childhood to how she became avenger and shield agent a spy and why she was called black widow and everything in detail in this movie.

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Black Widow Family

In black widows movie her family her father and her sister are also seen and seems like there is too much fun with her family in terms of fights and having unfinished business with her sister and her father how she bought up Natasha Romanoff since childhood and what inspired her to become a shield agent and avenger.

Black widow sister name?

Black widow Natasha Romonoff sister name is Yelena Belova and played by Florence Pugh in black widow movie and the bond between these 2 sisters seems to be very much interesting in black widow trailer.

Black Widow Star Cast?

Natasha Romanoff / Black widow Played By Scarlett Johansson.

Yelena Belova / Black widow played by Florence Pug

Alexei Shostakov/ Red Guardian played by David harbour

Rick Mason played by Fagbenle

Thaddeus Ross played by William Hurt

And others.

Black Widow Real Name?

Black widow real name is Natasha Romanoff aka Nat played by Scarlett Johansson.

Black widow Release Data?

Black widow will be released in theatres or on Disney Plus with Premier Access on July 9th

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